Monday, December 11, 2006

Jack Black is Back

Ok, so Let's agree not to hold Jack Black personally accountable for Nacho Libre, ok? Fair enough? The guy's a movie genius. And the good news? He's got another movie coming out. Seeing as I just spent half a year missing all the movies while I was overseas, I'm taking a personal interest in finding out what's out there right now to be seen.

I don't know all the details yet, but it looks like a metal version of School of Rock, except it stars the Devil, some demon lord, and a lot of guitar action. No, I have absolutely on idea what to expect, except that I'm sure I'll be able to get Todd to go see it with me because it has Tenacious D in it... lol.

I was reading the bio and saw that there's apparently another band called Trainwreck? Anyone besides me not know this? You think anyone ever told Adrian?

See interview except:

What’s the best thing your partner’s done away from you? JB: Trainwreck. KG: Trainwreck is my side-project band. The irony is that the bass player, the guitarist, and the lead singer are all part of our show. We just changed the drummer to make it look good. I’d say the thing that Jack is most proud of is Never Ending Story III. Obviously, everybody’s fond of Never Ending Story I. It’s like the Rocky movies; the odd ones are great! JB: In III they got back to the magic.

Anyway, Nacho Libre aside, the guy's as comically as good as they get so I'm adding it to my hollywood To-Do List for next year. I just want to see Jack Black in a devil's costume... just to get halloween inspiration. Dude, I could go "as" jack black "as" the devil... that's two levels of costume depth there? You think April would let me cut my goatee but keep the flavor saver?

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