Monday, December 18, 2006

Ok. I've been moniker'd.

I've been working on a new site platform being offered for free from Microsoft. It's called Microsoft Office Live and as part of the beta users group I get a free domain name. Well, I decided to catch up a little bit in this new cyberworld we live in and come out of the box a little with the new web site. Rather than hiding under the mask of the Grey Mage, or Gandalf, as I was known for years online, I just decided to come out and put up a personal site with my real informaiton on it. I've been leaning that way for awhile now in my blog posts, my web work, and other online venues. So anyway, lacking anything else creative at the moment of decision, I setup

Now, it's nothign special, nothing fancy, and contains absolutely nothing that most of you already don't know. However, I'm looking for opinions on the content and the theme, ideas for new things, etc. I want to streamline this blog a little because it's getting to where it takes quite a while to load, so I thought that would be a good place to put the content.

Anyway, give it a look-see and leave me some comments on what you think.

PS: I'm having real trouble with the Microsoft beta developer platform. It's still kinda buggy. So if any of the pages look absolutely out of whack, let me know what browser you're using and what looked strange about it, so I can see about fixing the problem. I'm loading it in IE7 and FF2, so it looks ok to me

Thanks all


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