Sunday, December 03, 2006

Easy like Sunday Morning..

Morning all. After having been thoroughly shamed into updating my blog by Sassenach earlier this week, I felt it necesary to pay some attention to my audience this weekend. I'm not really sure WHO my audience is, but if you're reading this you can thank her for this this 30 seconds of your life you'll never get back! lol.

I'm trying to decide what to do today. April drug me forcefully out of the bed about 11:30 this morning, deigning to beat me with the laundry she was folding on the bed until I vacated the space to allow her more room to fold, sort, and stack. So, as usual I stumbled my way along the familiar path to the coffee pot with my eyelids half closed, poured myself a cup, and wandered to my desk like an automaton as is my usual practice upon first starting the day. Once here I usually fumble around for my cigarettes while checking my email accounts, perusing the lists of online friends on my messengers, and turning my brain up just enough to get the functionality to determine what I'm going to do today. So far its a bust this morning.

I started working on a header for my new company. I'm still in need of logo design, branding, slogans, etc. I've got the company name and I've got clients, however I need something with some "pizazz" for my business cards and web site header. The interest in that task lasted just long enough for me to realize I am way out of shape with my graphics programs. I have no inspiration to create this morning, rather only a dull responsible nagging that says I need to get this done. Any of you who have ever worked in the creative medias are well aware that the responsible nagging is horrible when mixed with writer's block. Not only do you not create anything of substance, but you may accidentally eject a piece of true creativity onto your sketchboard, only to be unable to do anything with it. That's almost worse than not being able to come up with anything at all. It's like coitus with no release... pointless.

Ooh.. I think I have an idea.. be back later.


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