Monday, January 01, 2007

The Scoobies Go To You Tube for New Years!

Ok. After a fifth of vodka in a very short time, it quickly became apparent why I'm not one to drink, sing, or dance in public. Embarrassment however is no reason not to publicly humiliate myself even further. So, while trying to recover from last night I took a few moments to figure this YouTube thingy out. Now guess what? We're on Youtube!!!



Again... a post I'm gonna regret.


  1. Tommy,
    After veiwing this I sure bet you are hungover bigtime today. There could be no other excuse for this!
    Didn't anyone ever tell you drinking is bad for you? LOL I am a mom and had to put that in there!
    It is a good thing you caught this on film, because, I bet you could not remember any of this on your own.

  2. I cant get my breath back.
    I cant stop laughing. Holy sheet.

  3. HA! For the record, No.. there was no hangover. That makes three people who have asked me about that today!

  4. WOW...i thought only SoCo could do that to you....hmmm...a lot of kissing going're such a happy drunk...i'm such a bitch!!!

    Happy New Years...I Love you

  5. Mmmmkay...North Carolina fun. Wowza! Hope y'all had a great New Year's. Peace and strength in the new year to all.

  6. Hey! now I know why you rarely drink! I can tell the singing talent runs in the family. lol We need to get drunk together soon!

  7. that's exactly why I don't drink! Who was that with anonymous post? You didn't leave your name.


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