Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's just me....

Hey y'all! I haven't checked in since Tommy got here, so I figured I'd say hi. HI! LOL :) Tommy got here Sunday, I met him at the airport. The drivers from the company we work with tried to make them come to work. WHATEVER!!!! My cabbie looked at them and said "Shit!" ROFLMAO!! He even knew that Tommy and the guys didn't want to go to work. We got settled into the hotel and it was directly into "Work Mode" for him...... trying to get things straightened out with what little time we have left with most of the team. We are staying at the hotel now, it's called the Winzrik (or Amwage) hotel. If you want to call me/us there, you can call 011 218 21 340 3570 (up to 3578), and our room number is 206. It's much easier to reach us there, but remember we may not always be in the room. I'll still have my cell phone with me, but it's much harder to get through. We are supposed to have internet access, when it's working, so you can also try us through Yahoo or however works best. Just remember the time difference, if it's 6 pm your time it's midnight here, and most likely Tommy is awake, and I'm not. It's ok if y'all want to chat with him, but you can chat with me too!! I've been missing everyone like crazy, and only get a few random chances to talk to y'all. There's not a whole lot to update for me here, it's been mostly work this week, hopefully after this weekend I'll have some more fun stuff to share. We've been told where there are a few European beaches around here, so we may try and enjoy the beach sometime this weekend..... if I can drag Tommy away long enough. ;) I guess I'm going to head out now, I only have a few more minutes left at work, so I'll talk to y'all later! XOXOXO


  1. Hi April and Tommy,

    I tried to call today 7/11/06 at 4:30 pm ET the number you gave but all the guy would say is Mr. Thomas outside then hung up. What do I do? Would like to say hi.

    Sorry I haven’t called sooner Mary and I have been very busy, but that is no excuse not to pick up the phone and call. We have finally got the house finished. Married life is going great, I think I am finally getting use to it. Tommy we now have 4 cats. We don’t get out much any more to OnCue, or anywhere else to drink for that matter. I hope that everything is good over there, and I will try to call again later.


  2. Thank you so much for trying to call! We had not gotten back from dinner yet, but the guy at the front desk told me we received some calls. They really like us there, and take really good care of us. Unfortunately, local custom is to not eat until late, so we're usually not heading out for dinner until after 8 pm..... we'll either veg before that or run errands, shopping, that kind of stuff.

    I'm really glad married life is going well for y'all. I thought it would. I can't wait to check out the new place when we finally get back, we'll have to try and plan something once we know when we'll be home.

    Thanks again for trying to call us. Just knowing that you tried still means a lot!

    XOXOXO To you and Mary!

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