Sunday, July 30, 2006

The beach, up close

Umbrellas, rent-a-tents, boats, Seadoos, and TONS of visitors enjoy the sun and sand of Tajura.

These guys on the Seadoos are the only wave action you're getting on this part of the Med. Unlike the ocean at home, you don't have the large tide shifts here that we do, so the beach is almost always calm. No surfers to be found anywhere, but the crystal clear water makes it easy to drive your watercraft right up to the shores anywhere you want to.

By mid-afternoon the beaches were crowded pole-to-pole with visitors trying to find anyplace possible to plant their umbrellas and enjoy some of the water. Notice one difference here? They're Europeans.. they're here for the water.. NOT the sun!

These square covered areas you see below are what we rented for the day. They are 10 Dinar for the whole day and provide a nice place to get out of the sun. The thermometer on my bag was reading over 105 before we even got situated at a little after noon, so I'm sure it climbed to the 110, or 115 range before the end of the day.

Ok. Ten dollars to the first one who can spot the muslim person in this photo!

Can YOU spot the Muslim in this photo?

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