Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Flight Plan Update

Ok. Update on flight information. For those of you who wish to know (April, Mom, Dad, etc), we have confirmed flight plans for me and Tim. We will be leaving the USA on Saturday July 8th, at 2:43 PM from RDU. The full flight itinerary can be downloaded by clicking on the title of this post, or by clicking HERE. (It's a PDF download, so you won't need any software to see it.) I'll write more when I get home and begin to get things straightened out. I have a lot to prepare for and will talk to you all soon. Me


  1. Go Tommy Go!!
    I am so glad to hear you are on your way!!!! I will try to keep up with you through this sight. I Hope you have a good trip and get to April as soon as possoble.
    Love you both, Cathy

  2. Thanks Ms Cathy. I'm SOOOO glad to finally be on my way, for both personal and professional reasons. I've been going crazy over here without her here.

    Drop me a line on my cell phone before Saturday if ya feel like it. I'll take good care of your girl for you. However, it's more likely that she'll take good care of me... she's great like that.

    Miss you and Frankie both. Give him my regards when you see him. I'm getting April to a place where she has internet at night too, so you'll be more easily able to communicate with her once I get there.

    Talk to you all soon.

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