Tuesday, May 01, 2007

This old house (part 5)

Well, it's almost done! It's 2:09 in the afternoon right now and I'm sitting here at the computer working on some stuff for clients, but I thought I'd take a break and make a post on here.

   One one hand, I'm really tired. I've been working 4-5 hours a night and on weekends for almost a month trying to get these two rooms in to shape. It's not that it's so very time consuming, but more that I'm a really bad perfectionist. When one corner doesn't look quite right, or a board seems to be out of whack just so... I tear it out and do it again.

The latest problem in our saga has been paint. We got the second gallon of Blue this week and gues what... after painting two walls and touching up the rest of the house I discovered it doesn't match! At all! This means that either A) the paint store will remix it to make it match and I can simply repaint the one wall, or B) I have to repaint all the blue in the entire house with a new shade because they can't make a match..... ugh.


Here's where we are now:

Another night of wendy's fast food because we're too tired to cook.. lol.. my remodeling is surely playing hell with April's diet. We've only had one home-cooked meal in a month because it's too much of a pain to get all the paint supplies out of the kitchen. As long as I can get to my coffee pot, things are fine!

I finally got that wall repaired and trimmed out. Now all I have left is that giant white wall in the back, which is currently holding my coat of incorrect blue paint... grr.

I wanted to get a few better pictures, but the camera ran out of juice before I could snap any more. The pictures really don't do it justice.

Well, I think it's time to get to the shower and swing by the office for a bit. I need to do some invoicing today to get some money back in the accounts.

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  1. Paint matching is a pain if you don't do it all at once...we found that out the hard when painting inside the house here.
    The rooms look great, even before they are completed. What an exciting adventure for you two - albeit, perhaps bittersweet happiness about the project!


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