Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The last couple of days...

Sorry I've been away from the PC and the blogging world these last few days. Most of you know that Doc, my best friend, just returned home for a brief hiatus from Iraq. He's only home for about 10 days, so we're trying to enjoy as much of what north carolina has to offer as we can in a very limited time. To kill two birds with one stone, I'll let the pics tell the story...


It started with a few drinks... lol. We all went to On Cue (now called Live) and had a few drinks for the first time quite a while. It was nice to have some of the irregular crowd out there with us that night. Coon Dog and Lil' Bit got to make an appearance for awhile and we drank and danced most of the night, well pretty much until the bar closed and threw us out if I remember correctly.


Coon Dog looks great, like usual. I look like hammered kafta! (Mani will get that if none of the rest of you do.)

The two Allen girls sneak off the compound for the night! As usual, we had to drive them home in the cover of darkness, with the lights on the truck out, so as not to get shot by any of the dozen gun-toting relatives that fiercely watch out for these two great girls. If a war ever comes to NC, it's a hard choice between whether I go to Doc's daddy's house or to the Allen Compound.

He's drunk.. I'm just patiently waiting to get him to IHOP at 3 AM for breakfast.

The dynamic duo and the interlopers! Where are our girls? They were quite unselfish and let us catch up with the old gang most of the night. Of course they were flirting around the bar themselves... well not really. April's not much of a bar-flirt. She's more of a gimme-a-hug and buy me a drink type.

Bridget.... trying to think of a nickname that fits her... cause she HATES "fridget". I got it! Eureka! Well get her a tight-fitting green costume and put a giant GG on the chest for "Glamour Girl"... fighting bad hair days wherever they may appear! Heroine to fashionless gooberesses everywhere... too bad she can't fly... she could quit her job and be the female super-woman-fashion-model-police!


Saturday was next, and it was off to a fish fry at Doc's place. With 4 hours of sleep, we were toasted by the end of this next day!

What? Yes Doc.. fish.. your house.. food... Good boy!

The poor girl couldn't eat because Doc spent the day trying to "teach" her how to debone a pickled-herring.

Doc called this the "redneck Godfather" sequence.

By now, lunch is over and we're off to the backyard to do what we like to do most... blow stuff up! Out came the guns!

Doc teaches his five year old nehpew how to hold and fire a converted Ruger .45 cowboy pistol!

My Mom takes a few cracks with the .22 revolver and then moves on up to the big guns later.


Yeah.. that's all of us.. lined up and unloading on that poor tree target back there.

Doc and I back up the hill and work on our marksmanship skills a little while the rest relax under the trees.

My brother and I take turns unloading from a sitting position for awhile. We're a little tired, but there are still bullets left!!!

Dude.. look at that? Me and my women! This was a great shot of the three of us.


That's it for now. There are more pics from Sunday, but I need to get those off the camera and upload them before I can put them on here.

Hope you enjoyed.. more real "content" to come in the near future.


  1. Hurry up and upload the pics from Sunday... these pictures are telling a great story (just not the whole story)

  2. I will. I'm waiting to get the rest from Bridget this week. The others are on her camera. As soon as I get them, they'll go online too.

  3. Ok. They're up now. See the post 2 posts above this one.


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