Friday, May 18, 2007

Off on a Bonnie Wee Li'l Trip

Well, I'm still not sure of my filght information because I've yet to have that delivered to me, but it seems assured that I'm leaving tomorrow for another trip, although this will be both short and welcomed, compared to the others. I'll only be gone for four days this time, and it's not to the third world!

ATI is sending Tim and I to London to present the outline and technical implementation details to the client company we are serving in Libya. As much as I'd like to enjoy the trip, I can imagine that we'll be pretty much tied down with working on crap for the project the entire time we're there. I do plan to do a little sight-seeing on my free time, if I can get any of it.

As far as where I'll be, I do at least have my address. I'll be staying at the Best Western, Paddington Court, 27 Devonshire Terrace, Westminster, London, W2.

Hey.. update! I got my flight schedule! I had to call the travel agency and lie a little, but I got it faxed in my email! So, here's the news, for those friends and family who were asking:

Lead Leg:
Flight 954 (1HR, 20MIN)
Depart 051907-1755HRS
Arrive 051907-1976HRS

Flight 730 (7HR, 15MIN)
Depart 051907-2055HRS
Arrive 052007-0910HRS (GMT)

Return Leg:
Flight 733 (6HR, 50MIN)
Depart 052307-1030HRS (GMT)
Arrive 052307-1420HRS

Flight 893 (55MIN)
Depart 052307-1610HRS
Arrive 052307-1705HRS

Ok. I'm a little tired at the moment.. I just finished painting the trim in the house. Now that I switched to Cingular, my cell phone WILL work in London, but I won't be answering it much if you call me. The cost per minute is a little high since I don't have a regular international package. (I already have a high enough bill without adding that feature to it!)

If you want to try to reach me on my european phone, you MIGHT be able to do so, pending I can get my stupid SIM card unlocked again.

The number is 011-423-663-211262 (that's exactly as you would dial it from an american land line)

Ok.. enough for now.. I have to start getting ready for the trip.

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