Monday, May 21, 2007

Day one mostly over....

Well, I'm back in my hotel room at 7 PM and GOD I'm tired. We've been in meetings with the client for 10 hours today. We accomplished a lot, but most of it is covered by the "do not tell under penalty of death" clause, so I'll just say it was a long, but productive day.

I'm exhausted as hell. Over here the meeting started at 9 AM, but to my clock, it started at 4 AM in the morning. Do you have any idea how exhausting it is to get up at 2 AM, go get breakfast, and then go have a ten hour meeting starting at 4 in the morning? Ugh!

Well, I'll take a moment to share a few of the experiences I've had since I got here.

This is the view across the street from my hotel. Pretty beautiful architecture in this town. I love it.

Just a view down the street from the intersection. These are two story above-ground apartments, and they also have a below ground level as well. Talk about conservative real-estate!

Just another shot I took while walking down the street.

Ok, yeah I know it sounds stupid, but I REALLY want to take a ride in one of those taxis. They look so neat.

More London architecture, yet again squeezing the maximum amount of people in the smallest available space.

And yeah the pigeons are pretty tame. This one is pretty much walking on top of me at this point. Tim mentioned.."Umm Tommy, bird flu..." so I quickly shoo'ed fluffy away!

It's 40 bucks to get an all day pass for these busses, so I think I want to try that one time before we leave. Just to say I did...

A gay rabbi on the catwalk? Look at that strut!

I love a country where it's completely acceptable to walk hand in hand down the street in my PJ's... I'd be perfectly at home here!

Tom Harris and I at the Italian restaurant we ate at on the first night in town.

 Ok... I get it, but do you?

I took this picture at 9:40 at night... can you believe how bright it still is here at this time of day?

Dude, talk about  clown car! That entire car is only about three and a half feet tall!

Yeah, I'm posing with the Lotus, cause let's face it, when am I gonna be this close to this kind of car again? Awesome automobile!


And you thought that other car was small. This car takes up LESS than half a parking space!

Just a shot of Westminster at night with the moon in the sky. I thought it was pretty neat!

OK. I'm zonked at the moment. I'm going to go shower and see about some dinner or something. I'll be back to write more later if I'm up to it!

Lova ya !

Pip pip, Cheerio!



  1. whats up man, see now you know you wont fit in that Lotus. anyway I hope you enjoy it over there adn bring back something cool for me, anyway check this out, some pics from the birthday party,

    take it easy

  2. no, i don't get it...(did you really figure i would??)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. very funny description of some of the photos :o)

    London is a beautiful city but I suppose living here makes us forget the beauty of this great city, thanks for sharing.

    Are you not familliar with fcuk?
    French Connection UK, do you not have their shops or label in the USA?
    it can be a bit embrassing :o)


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