Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day!

Well, it's the first decent 3-day weekend of the year, and my sunburn attests that it got off to a good start. We went out to BJX today with Tom and put the boat in at Washington... 5 hours later we were nicely baked and windburned.. it was a great day. I just wish Doc could have been here. It was perfect Skiing water today... well, minus the jellyfish. Doc gets a little girly about jellyfish.. lol. (inside joke)


Tomorrow, if any of you are interested, April and I plan to spend the day celebrating the opening of the Breezewood pool. I think Marisa is coming by sometime to hang out with us as well. Any of the rest of you who are in town are more than welcome to come spend some pool time with us. I'll be easy to spot.. I'll be the one NOT in the sun. lol.. I've got enough of that for one day.


PS: Congrats for making it to the blog, Will. Don't worry about being new to the blog world. Some of the Scoobs have been on here for years and can't figure it out. Just post often and share your thoughts as they arise.. that's what I do.. and it makes for some interesting conversation sometimes. Share some Atlanta highlights with us... (and you can be the official UNC score keeper and chronicler of the game schedules!.. lol)

See you all soon!




  1. ok...i'm ready for the 2 of you to WAKE UP...the sun is beautiful people, and I have a new book to read (yes, M has a book and can read) and a suduko book to finish (yes, M can do that too). We are wasting valuable burn time...

  2. LMAO.

    Well, M has made it over and her and April have headed out to conquer prime sunning positions by the pool. I'm gonna take a bit to wake up a little more, check out some blogs, and then go find me a nice warm spot in the SHADE because I'm still way too pink from yesterday to get too much sun today.

  3. Thanks for getting me up here tommy.


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