Friday, May 25, 2007 this thing on


  1. seems you made it my friend! email me the pic you want by your name on the right side, adn I'll code you into the group listing.

    Now that you're a team member, you're responsible to actually WRITe about stuff.. ANYthing that crosses your mind is fair game.. just try to keep the general majority of it clean... my daughter sometimes reads this.. nevermind.. I forgot who I was talking to.

    Now, if we can JUST get Bannag to post on here?

    Sassenach, you know who Will is right?

  2. and...i want to know why i'm not cool enough to have my picture on the right side of my name! UM...HELLO???? Have I not been preaching this to you for what seems like months now?

  3. M,
    Get me the picture you want to use.. and I'll add ya.
    PS: Your profile is blank too.. so I can add you, but it won't show anything until you update the profile and put some content in there.


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