Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chicken anyone? (Corrected Post)

While reading the blogs of some of my overseas friends, I came across something that will show you a little of what we contend with we go over to the third world countries. You've all heard me mention food and water issues in Libya and other poorer nations. Well, take a look at this link below. This isn't a sign of poor food quality.. this is just a sign that companies need to be better regulated that are transporting food-services to other countries.


Forget the FDA, the EPA, and the other agencies who protect us here in the USA. These people don't have that.


In related news, I found another article, which I first thought was overseas as well, but apparently I didn't read well enough... one of the readers corrected me and informed me that this next link is an American McDonalds.


PS: I was reading a Libyan blog when i read the link above, and the comments were in Arabic, so I didn't catch that it was an American McDonalds... wow.. even worse!  Now here's my thought on the matter: The lady a few years ago sued McDonalds for three million dollars because her coffee was too hot and the cup wasn't properly labeled as "Hot Coffee". THIS poor lady almost ate a CHICKEN HEAD and she only got 100,000.00? Oh hell no... if I was her, I would have personally owned my own new McDonalds chain when this fiasco was over.



  1. Hi Tommy :) do you mean Europe is the 3rd world now as well ?

    we don't have KFC in Libya by the way as you probably are aware having lived there for a while.

    While your post is nice and informative it does tend to give a bit of an erroneous image.

  2. the chicken head was found in an American McDonalds, the woman sued them for $100,000

  3. I stand corrected about the chicken head.. I was reading two blogs at the same time.. lol.. so I guess I got them confused.
    That's what I get for Multitasking.

    As for Europe being 3rd world, nah. It's pretty modern, but just different. They seem to have most everything we do, and some things we dont, but it's been very very interesting being here. I wish I had more time.

    PS: There is a KFC in Tripoli, it's about 3 kilometers west of Burja Fateh, and it's on the street parallel to Gurgarash st.

  4. Didn't mean to give the wrong impression.. I was just reading other blogs in my little bit of spare time and had to rush to make a post before leaving the hotel again.

  5. Thanks Highlander.. I edited the post to correct the mistake.

  6. "There is a KFC in Tripoli, it's about 3 kilometers west of Burja Fateh, and it's on the street parallel to Gurgarash st."

    Are u sure about that tommy? even though its been a while since I was in tripoli (last summer), but I don't think there is a KFC for many reasons. Its usually people posing as official agents of KFC and I doubt the banner would be in English which would prove my point, right?

  7. well those chicken pictures are awful no matter where!!

    thank you highlander & tommy both for being so honest and polite :o)


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