Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Success

Well, it's over for another year. Everyone has gone back to their respective homes and the dishwasher is humming happily away, removing the last traces of this year's Thanksgiving festivities at the Jordan Ranch.

It was a great day! I got up early and spent the morning cooking happily in the kitchen while I rocked and rolled to my new "old country" playlist on my iPod. I believe, technically, I was "rockin to the rhythm of the rain", according to Wynona and Naomi, who kept me company through my tribulations in the kitchen.

The cooking came off without a hitch. The casserole turned out wonderful (thank you again Allison) and the ham was good this year too. Originally, we had planned for Cathy, Frankie, and Rhonda from April's family and for Mom and Raymond from my family to join us for lunch. Considering the bustle of the year, we were thinking it was going to be very small. As you can see from the photo, everyone brought at least one more dish than we had planned for, but nothing was repeated and everything tasted wonderful!

I went to the storage shed earlier in the day to break out the extra table and chairs I had been waiting to use all year, and that too proved to be the perfect fit for the need, so all in all, we had great company, great food, and a great time. I'm glad for everyone that could come and I thank all of you for spending Thanksgiving with us.

For those I didn't see today, know that you were thought of as always, and there are PLENTY of leftovers so please come eat some of this food! Thanks Ms. Cathy, Frankie, Miss Rhonda, Mom, and you too Bro, for coming up and seeing us today. The only that could have been perfect would be to have Hannah here today, but it was all very short notice and I'm sure she had thanksgiving plans with her Mom and Dad too, so I know she had a good day. (Even though I'm sure she gave Michelle a hard time all day!). Anyway, love you all and miss you all and hope to see all of you soon. (Agent M, you're overdue lady...)


Dude, I make an awesome ham!

And I don't even like ham... its too.... "ham" tasting for me... for lack of a better word.

Allison, thanks again for an awesome recipe. Mom asked for your recipe for Pineapple casserole today. I blackmailed her for her Sweet Potato Casserole before I would give it up though!

Ms. Cathy's turkey was wonderful as always (although it didn't have the awesome prize bag it had in it last year!) Franky left out the prize bag!

The dining room wasn't quite large enough, so some temporary reconstruction was in order!

And now, it's done. And it's only 7 PM!

Next, I believe we have a two-hour show of Grey's Anatomy to watch, so that's my plan for the evening! I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving, and I mean it when I say PLEASE come eat some of these leftovers. I'll never finish this much food on my own!


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