Monday, November 20, 2006

Stir Crazy

Ok. I'm going bonkers. It's 9:03 AM and I have nothing on the slate to do today, nothing at all. This is driving me crazy. Every day I get up sometime between 6 and 7 to stumble, one eye half squinted in sleep, to the coffee pot and from there directly to my chair to get on the Internet. The daily routine involves cleaning out my my outlook mail from the day before, my gmail from the day before, checking Yahoo messages, MSN messages, ICQ messages, chatting with Meredith who has just usually put her children on the bus to school, reading the news headlines pertaining to my industry, and then comes the interminable wait...

Things with the GECOL project are proceeding smoothly with little to no help from me at this point. I hired Gregg to fill that role as PM so I could be freed to work on the other projects, and he's doing a fine job overseas even as we speak. In the meantime, I handle the customer issues from my own clients, and provide support to the guys overseas. However, lately, the local work has been tough to schedule, since I'm paying for it all out of pocket. I have to to one or two jobs at a time, wait for them to pay me, then use that money to purchase the necessary materials to do the next job. This makes it a slow process. I've got so much energy and nowhere to focus it between gigs... argh. I even went to practice my guitar the other day, only to be sadly disappointed at the mess of broken strings that greeted me when I opened the case. I haven't played since before I went overseas and the string tension popped three of my strings... so I can't even focus on THAT this morning.

You know what? I just realized I'm whining about having nothing to do.. lol. What the hell is wrong with me? Yes, I'm bored out of my mind, but I just need to find something to focus my energies on; something productive. Oh! Crap! I know. I'll work on my web site. I just got a new version of my dev platform... I'll go play with that! Be back soon if it drives me up a wall...

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