Sunday, November 26, 2006

Floodwaters: Seine Beach

While driving to inspect a job site this past week for future work, I drove through old Grimesland Bridge road on the way to Washington. For those of you who haven't seen, I figured I'd share a picture or two. This is the tar river 3 days after all the rains settled.

As you can guess, all that you see above should be parking lot. The water line usually starts about fifteen feet past those bushes you see in the background.

This (above) is usually grass and extra parking, all currently underwater.

And this shows the supply store down at the beach. High tide huh?

Personally, this is my favorite time of year to be in a boat. When the river is high like this the river is much more open and free flowing, but you have to be very careful about trash that's floated out from people's yards. Submerged 66 gallon oil drums can be a bane to your boating experience.. trust I me I know from experience.

Anyone got a boat? I REALLY want a boat. I've been wanting one for the past year and the more I think about it, the more I think it's the most efficient "I want to go do something" remedy I can think of. I can't think of a day ever that I wouldn't be happy to be out on the water, drinking cokes out of a can, sucking down .99 cent honeybuns, fishing off the back and listening to the radio.

If anyone knows anyone who's got one for sale at a decent price, let me know.

Ok.. back to my christmas music now.

April and I are going to take the thanksgiving supplies back to the storage shed and gather all the christmas supplies to put up in the house this evening... ugh. I love christmas, but I hate that first day of putting everything up and cleaning up, chasing ornament hooks all across the carpet, etc.

Anyway, I'm sure it will be an adventure. I know April's looking forward to it. This will be our second year that we've got to put up the christmas tree together. Ok.. see you all soon.

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