Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween 2006

Well, once again Halloween has come and gone. We began the evening last night with dinner at the house. I cooked pork chops on the grill for April and Bridget. Around 9:30, Tim and Claire came by and we made the journey downtown.

For those of you who failed to make an appearance downtown last night, we didn't actually get any pics of downtown last night. The police barricades were up on both ends of 5th street last night, to allow the police to corral people inside where they could be searched before being let into the crowd.

We did, however, get a lot of personal photos of each other and of Ed. Ed played with his other band "Dragon Seeks Path" at Dr. Unks last night. For those of you who like Ed's music, I would really suggest taking the time to see him play with these guys. It's not the "Ed" format you're used to hearing. We were greeted to the raucous sounds of Guns-N-Roses, Pearl Jam, Genesis, and myriads of others from the late 80's and early 90s.

Most of his talent was spent singing last night rather than playing, but it was awesome to see nonetheless. He has a powerful rock-n-roll voice that works really well in that environment, and he has the rare ability to adapt his voice to just about any genre or artist he wants to portray.





Since we were only four blocks from downtown, I had a few shots at the club. This was a photo of our "Tribute to Doc." Doc, if you're reading this, that's your shot. I already drank mine! Hurry home. I'm tired of drinking liquor for two of us. I find that to be an unfair responsibility to have to perform! (hiccup)





I'm not going to fill this post full of photos; you can easily click on the link below to visit the Halloween photo gallery on my photo site. The link will take you straight to the halloween section for this year, but of course you can browse whatever categories interest you.

I WILL however, post a few of what I consider to be the better photos.

First, the link:

Click here for Halloween Shots


Other Photos From Halloween Night

No, that's not my costume. I was just running around the house cooking and took a moment to play with the baby. This is Logan (since I knows some of you visitors don't know all the Scrappies yet.)

April went as a safari-girl. (Yet again, people dress up in my work clothes and call that a costume... I'm going to get offended eventually.) Bridget went dressed as a peacock. Later, you'll see her with her tail up.. lol

Yes, I went as myself... the original Marlboro Man. No, that's not my costume; that's my clothes, so watch the sarcasm. (That's a Ruger .45 caliber double action semi-automatic pistol in April's waistband.. lol.. completes the shot quite nicely I think!)

There ya go. Two rednecks, peas in a pod.

No, she's a peacock, NOT a vegas showgirl. Ooh.. and she's.. umm.. erect.

Slow down ladies, you've only been at the bar for 15 minutes!

Tim went as a Groom.. which I find hilarious. His shirt says "game over!" You said it, buddy, not me!

The Happy Couple.. lol

I have no idea what I'm drinking... it was just sitting there all chilled in an ice bucket and no one was watching it. I think it's Pinot Grizio... ick.

(beware.. there is a mushy shot coming. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Cute huh?

April calls this one the "Marlboro Man"


Ok.. that's it for the photos today from me. The rest are in the link above these pics. Go check them out for yourselves.

And if you've got some good photos of your own from Halloween, feel free to send 'em to me if you can't post them yourself. I'll post them here for you.

Till next time, adieu.

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