Saturday, November 18, 2006

Back on the blog-o-sphere.


Ok. After Lee and Tom gave me an eternal hard time on behalf of all those who had their pictures removed from the blog, I wanted to issue you all fair notice that you've all had your pictures reinstated. Some of you confused not having pictures with not being a member on the blog. Your memberships were never altered; you're still allowed and even strongly encouraged to post to your hearts content! I'm sure that blogspace would much rather hear something from someone besides just me once in awhile!

While I was overseas in Africa, I had to slim down the blog interface because our internet connection was so slow we couldn't even load the page, much less actually post anything.

Anyway, you're all back in action, and Shak, I got the picture you sent while you were overseas and added that as your profile pic. I hope you'll take some time and upload some photos for us to see from your trip. I'll likely never get to visit the places you do, so I'll have to live vicariously through you!

See you all again soon!


  1. it just me, or are all pic links broken as of Nov 18 PST? You get me all excited about psting pics, then wham, slammed with broken links! You tease! Anyways, will be glad to post again some of my adventures. Peace!

  2. No. it's not you. They're doing scheduled maintenance on my server this evening at 3 AM today... it'll be back up before dawn.


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