Sunday, November 26, 2006

Culture Clash

 Ok.. so I was bored on Saturday night. April went out to get her nails filled in and get a pedicure, so I chose to do what all men to in times like that when there is nothing else to do; I went to a hardware store to buy more tools. lol.  Well, later on I decided to walk around Wal-Mart to kill some time until she got done. We had talked on the phone throughout the evening and decided that there wasn't anything going on in town last night, so we would sit home together and play computer games until we exhausted ourselves. Somewhere amidst my wanderings through wal-mart, I decided to try to find some new liquid-diet ideas to get off all the coffee and coke I drink all day and night.

I couldn't decide between Chai, Earl Grey English Tea, and Sparkling Grape Cider... so I got all three.

So what, did I do on Saturday night? This:

Yep.. I sat around the house drinking earl grey tea, and drinking ice-cold grape cider. lol. I REALLY need to get out more!


  1. I don't think you should have admitted that out loud.... ;)

    Love you! LOL


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