Saturday, June 11, 2005

What a week...

Ok all... finally, after 1,500 miles, 4 hotels, 3, states, 2 jobs, and 1 meeting; I'm home again. It felt SO good to be back in my own bed again. What's new today..ummm.. as little as possible! I did finally settle on a name for the kitten. I chose to name her Anyanka (or Anya for short). Why? Well, she's a russian blue, and I thought a russian name would be cool... and as much as I liked Nadya, it was a little overdone, as Doc pointed out. Dasha up for for consideration, but I figured everyone would screw it up and call her Tasha, so Anya it is. Coincidentally, and no I didn't plan this, it fit well with the Buffy theme that my other pets were named after these recent years. Cordy, (the cat) being true to her fictional archetype on the TV show, killed all the others (which happened in season two's "I Wish" episode.) So far Cordy has killed Xander, Giles, and Willow... which resulted in my putting a No-More-Fish rule in place. As suspected, she hasn't liked Anya one bit, but it took her about a month to learn to tolerate another animal the last time I got a cat. Hey Sameena.. DON'T throw this one away ok? Well, April, Agent M, Lil'Bit, and myself are going to dinner here in an hour or so and then going on to OnCue later if any of you want to come. I already invited Todd and Sameena to dinner, but I'm not sure who'll show up yet. Oh yeah. I'm thinking about getting the gang to chip in and buy a boat. What do you think guys? There's a 12 man pontoon party boat with the trailer in Henderson for sale for $1,000.00. I think it includes the trailer as well as the motor. IF it's got all the necessary hardware to put it in the water, we were talking about getting together as a group and buying it to use and the Scooby party boat (aka "The Mystery Machine"). I've got Tim checking on it tonight and he's supposed to let me know the condition and relevant details tonight. I'll know more later tonight or tomorrow. Just keep it in mind. I want to see who wants to go in on it. I REALLY want a boat to pull skis with this summer, but this would be awesome to have too because we can hold the whole gang in it at once. Ok.. the girls are on their way here for dinner. I'll talk to you all later. Take care!

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