Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Flamin's weekend

Well, since I am way out on the West Coast and cant spend real life time with y'all, I decided instead to post how my Memorial Day weekend was. Pictures will come when I can get them from my campmates. For those of you who dont know, I am really into the Society of Creative Anachronism... or the SCA. We re enact ( to a variety of degrees interms of just how authentic you wanna be) the time periods from about 600BC-1650AD. I joined becuase I belly dance. There are MANY bellydancers who come out at night and dance around the camp fire. ( Some good, some not so good) . Since I am trying to go pro in bellydancing, ANY dancing I can do makes me happy. I have a SCA name ( documented to the 10th century), and I dress in Middle Eastern clothes... they are loose and comfy which is great when it heats up to over 110 degrees. I camp out in a primitve tent .. its a bedouin tent modelled after those used by the Bedouin tribes in North Africa and the Middle East. So any way, I camped about 10 miles from the Mexican border and it was baout 100 degrees in the shade. I camp with a household ( my bellydance teacher who is my best friend, her husband ( Fire Brandz on COH) and their housemate ( Draco on COH). Draco is a Duke ... which means he has been King three times and he has been playing FOR EVER. Anyway, he and Fire both fight what is called heavies... they wear protective gear ( sorta like chain mail) and beat at others with rattan sticks. I get to be CUTE ... and decorative as well as my main function of making sure they stay hydrated in the field. I carry water and gatorade... and such for them. Why does the bell ring when I am getting into this??? grrrrr. Anyway, I had a BLAST... I get to camp with great people... dance at night ( ie party my little fanny off) and allow an aspect of myself out of its tiny box. KK gotta go for now. Hope y'all have a fun one! Flamin


  1. Ding, that sounds like lots of fun! I can't wait to see the pictures of your weekend! Glad to know it was good for you. It sucks that we are on opposite coasts! LOL Makes it way too hard to try to do something together. . . . but we always have Scooby Central! :)

  2. I know, being this far away really bites. However, there is a war out your way... hmmmmm. Looks like I am gonna have to check into it. :)


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