Friday, June 10, 2005

Gandalf's Birthday

NOTE: You may note that your post is not on top.. you don't need to repost it. I've just changed the post time on this particular one so it stays on top for a few days until we get the event ironed out. I'll be editing the main content of this post as days go by. Ok all. That time of year that I love to much has come around again. More grey hair, more "wow, you're old" jokes, etc. It's always been a tradition that I try my best to get the scoobies together for a "hangout" event for at least 1 afternoon cookout and night on the town. This year we're taking it up a notch. Here's the deal. Tom, has offered his beach house in Atlantic Beach that weekend for any of us who want to come. There's bedrooms, shag carpet, a jukebox in the living room, a nice bar (BYOB), a place for the girls to lay out and get some sun, and I think he's bringing the boat down. (Yeah.. I get to be captain again.. woohoo..) Here's the relevant information: Where: Atlantic Beach (Tom, please post a comment to this post with the address information, and I'll get a digital map in everyone's email sent to them that wants to come) When: Starting: Leaving Greenville at 5 PM Friday night, June 24th, and returning early Sunday Afternoon, June 26th. Who's Invited: Any scooby or associate.. lol. Seriously, I want you ALL to come. Singles, couples, all of it. There's plenty of places to go out so if some want to be rowdy and others want to hang out and relax, it can all be done. What You Need To Plan On: This is something I have questions on, so I'm posting these questions to Tom as well as making you all aware of them.
  • What do we need to chip in for the house? Or for the utilities?
  • Will we have the boat there this year? (so I know what to bring)
  • Do we want to shop here and take food or shop there and all pitch in together on dinners for the weekend?
  • How many bedrooms? I think it has 4.
  • Sleeping arrangements: Sorry guys, but Couples rule on this one. I know Tom gets one room, April and I will get a room, Todd and Sameena will get a room( if they can make it) or Lee/Nicole, etc. Singles... y'all can do whatever floats your fancy in the living room. There is at least 2 couches I think.. and others might be willing to bunk up.. god knows it's not unheard of in this group of people.
  • What clubs or entertainment are nearby?
  • What is the address?
That's all I can think of at this point. Here's what I know of who's coming. There is a FR, SA,SU beside the names of them, designating who will be there all weekend, or who will just remain for a few nights. Guest List:
  1. Tom FR,SA,SU
  2. Tommy FR,SA,SU
  3. April FR,SA,SU
  4. Doc FR,SA,SU
  5. Marisa FR,SA,SU
  6. Nicole
  7. Lee
  8. Marion FR,SA,SU
  9. Mark FR,SA,SU
  10. Joe FR,SA,SU
  11. Bridget
  12. Todd
  13. Sameena
  14. Justin
  15. Ed
Please comment with anything you want to know, add, etc.


  1. Count Mark and I in. More than likely Joe will come too. But Mark and I will be there

  2. Hi guys. I know many of you, but there are many I don't know. Tommy is such a cruise director. I've been away at school in DC and have been out of touch.

    Tommy: I will get you a map and you can distribute it to people that are planning to come. (since the blogger is public, I don't want to give out the address online. I'd rather we email people directly)

    There are 4 rooms, couches, rollaway beds, etc. I think I will just put a "tip" jar on the bar in the house and everyone can chip in what they can and feel is appropriate. That will pay for gas in the boat, electricity, etc.

    I usually shop down there. It's not more expensive than anywhere else.

    I prefer that people do not bring pets as I will have my 3 dogs with me and I don't want to run into any personality conflicts with the animals.

    We have towels and stuff, but if you could bring your own necessities, I would appreciate it. I would bring a pillow and sleeping bag, etc., just in case. I doubt we'll be overcrowded, but if it gets to that point, we may have to limit the number of people that sleep over. Of course, any and everyone is invited during the day and evening hang-out times. I think we should plan a cookout on Saturday afternoon/evening.

    The number one house rule is "Have fun and be respectful of the property" Our home is beside the chief of police and even though we've had no problem in 25 years, we still like to be respectful of the neighbors. (If we can get Tommy to refrain from drinking that weekend, we should be ok) Oh, and nothing illegal is allowed.

    Everyone should bring a gift for Tommy. Preferably a gag gift! LOL

    If you have any questions or concerns that we don't address here, you can email me at

  3. Oh, more...

    BT's is a block away and is the number one hot spot on the beach.

    There are plenty of restaurants.

    If you have a floatable, you can bring it and float on the canal behind the house. We are not on the ocean, but on the sound side.

    Look forward to making it a great weekend.

    I think that's all.

  4. Tommy: Not a Cruise Director. I think the politically correct term would be Event Coordinator... hehehe.

    And presents are NOT required... though if anyone wants to.. hey.. who am I to complain. THen again, contributions to the "Tommy has to replace his lost cell phone" campaign and the "Tommy wants a 55 inch bigscreen" campaign are certainly welcome and may be considered tax deductions.

    No, I don't need any more blow-up dolls.. the three under the bed are enough. I used Duct Tape to patch Hilda up.. the fat polish sex doll.. and she's ok now.


  5. I'm so excited already. I've made arrangements to leave my boo boo with my I've been talking about a scooby weekend away for months and it's actually happening! I'll bunk up w/ whoever wants me...i'm easy to get along with (most of the time). I promise i'll go easy with the vodka so no one will have to babysit. Gotta hit the gym hard for the next 4 week so i can show off my new bikini...hehehe COUNT DOWN BEGINS 24 DAYS

  6. Good lord, you'd think it was a concert.... it's just a weekend at the beach. Food, fun, Beach Music, Shaggin in the living room, oral sex.. I mean... hmmm... nevermind.

  7. you'd think it was a concert, but's's scoobies together to celebrate tommy's birthday. and, for me, it's a weekend away...the closest i've had to a vacation in the last year has been pennsylvania for thanksgiving (i love my grandparents and all, but come on). So a few days away from greenville, away from responsibilities and with my friends, whom i love very much...can't get much better than that!!

  8. Ok.. I don't want it to be my fault.. lol.. so how do we get EVERYONE's birthday to be this cool with the Scoobs? Geeze.. you guys are already psyched up and it's only June 1st.

    Don't forget the pig pickin the weekend of July 9th at the beach for my Mom's B-day. I've already secured the pig cooker from Jody Griffin and I'll handle getting the pig with Lil' Bit later this month.

  9. mine is July 28th...everyone get excited!!!

  10. I just saw the trailer for "Fantastic Four".. Does anyone know Chris Evans personally? And can you bring him to the party. He can be a Scooby Snack!

    Ok, sorry..... he, he

  11. Ok, I have to add a comment, since this has been the hotspot tonight!! I'm just as excited, I've been wanting to do something like this for a while now, so I can't wait!!

    FYI for those that forgot, the Thursday prior to leaving (the 23rd) is the GIRL'S NIGHT OUT for those that can at Emerald City. It's cool if y'all want to meet here first or whatever.

    Well, I'm off to bed, just got home from work, hope everyone has a great day and catch up with ya soon!

  12. Tommy, I'll be there Friday night and Saturday during the day, then I'll leave from there for work that night...unless Kana decides to be nice... Anyway, given the relationship that you and I have, I think a gag gift is completely appropriate!!! Be afraid!! Be very afraid!! Mwahahahaha, or however that evil scientist laugh goes! (just kidding!) Anyway, it sounds like tons of fun and I can't wait to see Tom again because he is SO funny!! Oh, and there's 35 days until my 21st birthday. I'm starting the countdown. Not that everyone needs to know that, but I'm just really excited about it!!! Oh, and Tommy, you might have to call Nicole and tell her about your birthday weekend because I don't think she ever checks the blog, or I can do it. Just let me know. I know she probably has to work until 7 or 8 on Friday and she either has to work on Saturday or Sunday during the day.

  13. Rogue, you handle informing Nicole and tell her to call me with questions. I'm gonna handle some of the others who don't ever check the blog.

    PS All; I've added Tom as a regular blog member this moring and I'm adding Lee right after this post.

  14. Thanks Tommy. I'm happy to be here and realize how much I missed being away. Anyway, I look forward to a nickname one day.

    I'm looking forward to meeting all the people I don't know yet.

    Have a great day everyone.

  15. Holy Cow! I sooooooo wish I could fly out and be there with y'all! By the way, my birthday is August 22nd. The oral sex part sounds nice,, I mean, um, Drink well!!

  16. i didnt realize the girls night was the 23rd...i had told tommy today taht i wasnt going to go to it cause i'm saving my money for the beach weekend...but, i might have to rethink this...naked men...hmmm. Marion told me she saw Nicole and her and Lee wern't going? i dunno...Anyways, i've taken the 24th off of work, so, i'll prolly ride down there w/ Tommy & April on friday. Marion has decided that me, her, mark and joe (if he comes) can share a room if that's ok. well...guess that's all for now...buh bye

  17. I'm with Flamin..wish I could head out East, sounds like a blast!
    Hope you all enjoy yourselves!
    Oh, and Tom, we haven't met yet, but I like your taste in Scooby Snacks! ;-) (hehe)


  18. unfortunatley i will be unable to get off from my real job.....that gonna suck...not use to workin a full weekend and one of my partners is off sat and sunday night....tommy we'll try and get together either before or shortly after to do something that weekend...also in ref to the 23rd you might want to get your tickets shortly...i think that they are like 12 or 13 a piece for that night...and no i am not stripping at the event however i will unfortunatley be there..... i am starting to try and count down the clock...been a busy night so far peope breakin in some shit ya'll have a good one...........lee

  19. Marion said Joe was in for the whole weekend, so Tommy, update the guest list.

  20. Also, the girls and I were talking at dinner, and we want to make PJ for the weekend! If anyone else is interested in helping, or have other ideas, let me know! :) We are all excited and can't wait!

  21. We don't have a bathtub for the traditional PJ, but we do have bidets for anyone interested..


  22. Ok. Some of you scoobies are too new to remember this, but PJ is a drink for 12 year olds. The preferred Scooby beverage of choice is PAT! (Purple Alaskan Thunderfuck)

    No, you HAVE NOT heard of it, unless you heard of it from us.. lol... we invented it a few years ago and now even a few of the bars downtown know what a "Purple Alaskan" as it's called in polite circles, is.

    Agent M, you remember Purple Alaskan's right? I KNOW Dez, Todd, and Sameena remember it. Those of you who haven't had it, trust me: It's great... it's just as drinkable as PJ.. but a LOT more damaging for a lot less actual beverage. In other words, you can't even possibly drink 5 or 6 of these and still walk straight.

    Anyone want to shoot to beat my record? Currently I'm sitting at 32 of them in 3 hours... and still sober. (yeah.. that's about 3 gallons of pure liquor... oh gooodddd the memories of that day!!!)

    Hey... and Don't the scoobies still owe me an evening getting drunk???? I won the pistol contest that day... that's RIIIIGHHT! Can I claim my birthday as my day to redeem my alcoholic award?

    And Agent M, call Justin and remind him. I either want my Belt Buckle or my Plaque.... lol.. he owes me that from the party that began last year on my birthday!

  23. We want PJ!!! I don't want to get completely wasted off of 2 or 3 drinks. I want to be able to enjoy drinking one of my favorite drinks, and eating some hellaciously good fruit! We can put it in a cooler or so, and make it before we leave, and more once we get there if we need to.

    Agent M, I followed you and bought a really cute bathing suit today (not the same as yours), but I did get the sarong! (I have an ass I want to cover too!) I can't wait to show it off!

    Oh, and I'm free for the whole weekend, my scheduling snafu is straightened out. So beach house, here I come!

  24. What is in PAT? Does it have tequila in it?? ;) *crossing fingers*

  25. You're bragging so much about last year Gandalf...Shall I post the pictures???? LMAO!!!!

  26. Yes it has tequila in it...

    And Bannag, what pictures?

  27. I change my vote to PAT then. Sorry girls. I'm switching sides!! ANYTHING with tequila is fabulous!!

  28. That's fine, yall can have the PAT, Marisa and I will drink the PJ! We prefer to celebrate and REMEMBER the whole weekend, so we'll just stick to the good stuff........... :)

  29. April, I'm with you and the PJ...I'd rather remember my weekend and drink slowly. I want to have a good time, not get drunk, stupid and pass out, leaving my weekend a blur. we all know how stupid i can get. Besides, i CAN NOT drink tequila.

    Something to keep in mind...Spare Change is playing at the Emerald Club on that sat night. I dont know how far the emerald club is from where we will be, but, we all know i'm a pretty big spare change fan...something about Jordan and that hair...YUM.. hehe. Just an option...

  30. Someone I know suggested Midnight Rodeo. They have a mechanical bull there!! Cowgirl/Cowboy Up!! Just an option. It's a country bar.

  31. Oh, and anything with the name Thunderfuck in it's name can't be too bad. It sounds like a good time waiting to happen!

  32. Of course that's something you will point out! LMAO!!! :P I'll prolly start the PJ Thursday before we leave, go ahead and get the fruit steeping so we can mix it there on Friday, since I think Tommy, Marisa, and I will be heading down fairly early........

    As far as entertainment for the weekend, I don't plan on going much of anywhere, cause I'm not driving drunk/riding with anyone that's been drinking! I plan to confiscate keys from everyone the minute they start drinking! And if you fight me on that, stay the hell home! We want a fun & safe weekend for everyone, the Scoobs and anyone else on the roads! I think Tommy and Tom will back me on that (and I'm sure Tom has access to some cab info for us).

  33. I concur. I had figured we would probably hang around. Can we do stuff like play Twister? Sumo wrestling is out unless someone comes into money soon. $250 for 2 hours is ridiculous, but I think the pictures would be worth at least that much!!!! If it's ok with you guys, I'll probably follow you down there so I don't get lost.

  34. lol...go ahead...take my keys. won't do any good since i dont plan of driving there...i'm riding with you april...hehe

    someone remind me, i'll bring cranium and make sure someone brings a deck of cards.


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