Thursday, June 09, 2005

"Route"r adjustments...

Well, I write to you from a hotel in Gainesville, Georgia rather than from the comfortable console of Zeus at home this evening. I'm currently sitting in yet another Hampton Inn (my 4th different one this week) and watching Impostor on the Sci-Fi channel.
Georgia (the kitten, not the state) has adapted quite well to my presence in her life it seems. Her contented purrs guided me into a restful but short sleep last night. She curled up in the back of my right knee last night as I lay on my stomach and slept there all night. Tonight, she's sitting on the keyboard with me, with her paws on the mouse, watching how her movements move the mouse while I type. I woke this morning and got the guys moving on to Gainesville from Atlanta while I prepared for a meeting with the IT Technical Sales Consultant from ITC Deltacom. Compared to theirs, my day was wonderful. I was escorted through the more technical locations in Atlanta by a woman with more technical knowledge than I've ever met in one person. We had lunch at some place that I can't remember the name of and I walked her through the presentations from our last 5 VC3 jobs. Apparently she was impressed and I've got a new client! So kudo's to me on closing a great national customer. What held up the trip was the hang up in Gainesville that the guys had. I've been lecturing VC3 for months that they have no surge protection on their analog devices feeding back into the Cisco 3700 router. Did they listen? Apparently not. Later today I had to call and schedule an emergency transport of a replacement card for the Cisco on location at the Gainesville branch. Cisco has assured me that it will be on-site by 9:00 AM tomorrow, so I'm getting up at 7:00 to get there and get the new card installed. From that point on, it should be HOME for me!!! I can't wait. I miss my friends, my girlfriend, my cat, and my computer! Not to mention that now I have a solid week's worth of work to catch up on. And I can't wait to see the new office that had BETTER be setup when I get back to the shop next Monday morning. I only left the 3 man crew one task to be done the whole week. The entire task should have taken them no more than about 4 hours total for one person to do, but should have definitely be done with 5 whole days at their disposal. Personally, I'm betting that it's not been done and I'm going to REALLY be able to show my true asshole self when I get to work Monday morning. Sassenach can tell you what I'm like at work when things aren't right... lol.. Remember those days Sass? Ok... well, I'm going to watch the rest of this movie I suppose. You guys have my number in one of April's comments on my prior post tonight. Feel free to give me a call up until about 1 AM if any of you are awake and reading this. Love you all...


  1. Hey Tommy! I'm at work and I'm very bored. I am also bummed out because while I am sitting here at work, bored, in the dark, my friends are all out at Mesh having fun. :( It's okay though because I will be having fun tomorrow night!!! It sounds like you've had a VERY long week and I'm sure you're ready to get home. I'm still trying to find the perfect gag gift for your birthday because I am determined to either embarrass you to the point that you turn colors or make you laugh until you pee on yourself!!! (I know I aim high!) OH, and if anyone reads this and has a suggestion, please let me know ( Anyway, I hope that things go smoothly tomorrow and that you have a safe trip home. Please be careful!! See you soon.

  2. {picturing a stomping, tantruming two year old with a nicotine and caffeine addiction and a penchant for shouting the “F” word} Yes Gandalf, I vaguely recall those days...damn, I miss those.


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