Monday, June 13, 2005

And now for the rest of the story........

Update from the last post: Todd and Sameena were able to join us for dinner on Sat., as well as Sam's lil bro. We decided we'd try Olve Garden or Longhorn (since they're next door to one another), and see which gave us a shorter wait. OG told us it would be only 30 mins (when we thought there would only be 4 of us), and only changed it to 45 when we changed it to 7 people. Tommy decided to go to Longhorn and check, and they said about 50-90 mins for a group of 7, so we put our names down anyway. Well, we had been waiting for over an hour when Agent M decided to see what was up. The hostess (who didn't even have a clue to what day it was I'm sure), realized her clock was off and told us it shouldn't be too much longer..............yeah, like she really knew. They finally called us to be seated, and we get settled in to our table, and wouldn't you know, our buzzer for Longhorn starts going off! We decided to stay there, since we had a table, and the waitress had started getting our drinks. It was great! The girls were all so hungry we filled up on the salad and breadsticks so we didn't each much of the actual meal (that's ok though, we all brought it home with us!). I had been scheduled to work the mid shift at the bar that night, but since it's summer time the OC wasn't busy enough to need me. Since the gang was coming out anyway, I hung around with some of the regulars until they got there. We stayed until about 12 and came home. Tommy and I played some CoH for a while, and then finally crawled into bed around 4 or so. Needless to say, I wasn't to excited about getting up on Sunday. We had a nice, relaxing, lazy day, never leaving the house. We also got some more cleaning done, and the bills for the month, so we can try to figure out how much we'll have to spend on the beach weekend! So far, it's not looking as bad as we had thought it could, so we should be able to relax and have fun all weekend! *****For those interested (GO AHEAD AND MARK YOUR CALENDARS), July 8 is Bridget's 21st birthday, and I think she said something about a luau, but you'll have to talk to her about that, but the rest of that weekend is Tommy's mom's cookout (most of you remember last year's). We will leave early Sat. morning and probably be back sometime on Sun. We have a hotel room for the night, so those of you that want to go, but don't want to stay at his mom's, you should go ahead and check into finding rooms for yourself. Tommy's mom is cool with a few people staying, but there's not a whole lot of room inside for you (but you can always pitch a tent LOL). We have a cooker lined up, I think Tommy is going to look into the pig within the next couple of weeks, its BYOB as far as we're concerned (within reason). Ms. Brenda doesn't want a crazy out-of-hand weekend, so we ALL have to behave. Ok, that should be all for now, if anyone has anything thing else to add or change, let me know!

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