Sunday, June 05, 2005

Busy Busy Busy...

Whoa! The weekend is over and I am EXHAUSTED!!! (Eat it up aecudaisy!!) I feel like I've been on the go for a week now! I worked last Saturday, went to the concert on Sunday and didn't get home until 3am, worked Monday & Tuesday, went to see aecudaisy at work on Wednesday night, worked Thursday, and went out Friday and Saturday...and now I'm at work...again! I had a GREAT weekend though! I actually got to spend a little time with BOTH of my best friends, which was awesome! I did end up with a funny story though! Friday night at Emerald City I split my pants. I heard it when it happened. I looked at Nicole and said, "Come to the bathroom with me, NOW!" We went in there and she asked me what was wrong and I told her that I thought I had split my pants. The girl turned purple. She couldn't breathe. I asked her what to do and she said, "I don't know but that's the funniest shit I've seen in my life!" I told her not to tell anyone and she said that she HAD to tell Lee because it was too funny to keep to herself. We walked out of the bathroom and as soon as we got close to the table she started laughing again! I told her to get herself under control--it was embarassing enough as it was. She pulls me up a chair and as soon as we sit down she starts laughing again, only this time she starts fanning her face! Doc asked her what was wrong and I said, "Nothing, she's just REALLY hot!" Then I finally came clean about it. Everyone probably would have found out eventually. A little while later Nicole got a stapler and we went to the bathroom to staple the 6" long gaping hole in the crotch of my pants. (Talk about your easy access!) When we started walking out, the staples kept stabbing me in the ass, so I was walking funny. Not to mention that I had to concentrate on walking anyway because I was completely wasted. It was funny though! Even I was laughing, but hey, what's new? Lee ended up being the DD (my hero!), poor guy. He got terrorized the whole ride back, and all he could keep saying was, "What have I gotten myself into?" And then, to top the night off, I almost killed myself on a Slip N' Slide. That was really fun though! I hope y'all had just as much fun as I did! (Or for those of you that needed to relax...I hope that worked out too!) Just in case anyone is interested, Lee, Nicole, and I have tentative plans to go to Kings Dominion on June 19. It's a Sunday. It would be just for the day. The tickets are something like $32 if you print them at home at least 3 days before the trip. I think it would be a lot of fun and anyone is welcome to come! Just let one of us know. Don't be strangers!

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  1. Uhm, "easy access", huh? Well...
    That is hella funny, tho, ripping pants and all...glad it happens to you "thinner" folk, too. :)


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