Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Slow Work Night

well i am about 8 hrs from going home for the night...bad when you start counting down this soon...man this has got to be one of the longest nights that i have seen in a while.....i guess thats good for the people in da city..and as usual there is nothing on tv....hopefully time will pick up soon...gonna start looking at some stuff for the tournament that is coming up ......


  1. Sorry your night is going so slow, mine's been kinda dull actually, being here all by myself, but I didn't want to go out or do anything tonight. . . . so I guess this will be ok. Maybe it will get better. . . . . . . . .

    Oh, and sorry if you're food was a little cold last night, we were a little longwinded in our stories. . . :)

  2. it has picked up just a lil bit not a lot tho.....you guys long winded....i would not have seen that ....lol....j/k...it wasn't to bad.....glad ya'll had a good time...if u want i think we are going to mesh for a little bit thurs night to see the main event band...either call me or nicole and let us know

  3. Sounds fun! I'm not sure exactly when Tommy will get back into town, so I don't know what Thurs. will be like for me.... I have to work at the restaurant, so I know I won't get off from work til 9:30 or so, but I'll call Nicole if I decide to go!


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