Monday, June 13, 2005

Hey Folks I Am Back Once Again

Well to let you all what has been going on down here lately. There hasnt been a whole lot to be all excited about. We had Dare Days, which sucked this year as it has for the past several years. I remember many years ago when it was all the kids talked about for a little more than two months ahead of time. Now, nothing. I had to buy me a new truck, well not new, but new to me, since the Danger Ranger, finally found too much danger for it. The transmission took a crap on me. So I figured why pay 500 to fix a truck I dont like. Take 850 and buy me one I like right. Well that was my reasoning anyhow. I bought me a bonified redneck truck, 86 GMC Seirra Classic 4x4, witha 350 ci and straight pipes, you dont get more redneck than that. And now I am loving life and loving pushing tourists down the road like bumper cars. I had to make a trip to Va Beach lastw eek and had an absolute ball. I decided since my plans went sour that I would make a tourist day of it. You knwo I realized one thing while I was being tourist in Va Beach, what the hell if the fascination with the OBX? I dont get it ,they have a boardwalk, we have Mulligans. The have ocean front courtyards to LOITER in. You get caught hanging out in a spot like that down here you go to jail for something or get a ticket for something. It was one of the, for lack of a better term, funnest days of my life. And about the cookout here at moms, so far what everyone hsa come up woth has been great ideas, what I would like to bring up to everyone, is camping out on Oregon Inlet beach Sat night, just and idea but let me knwo if some are interested so I know to get permits for it. And we have a boat lined up for skiing and what not. I just ask that we all keep it cool ad level headed for the entirety of the parental party, after that I could care less. I am going to be putting together a list to find out who wants to come and all that good stuff that way we can start to get things organized a little better than they are at this time. Any question or comments please email me at

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