Friday, June 24, 2005

And..........we're off!!!!!

IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY!!!!! :D Well, we've finally made it! Today's the day we leave for the beach! SUN, FUN, AND RELAXATION!!!! I can't believe its finally time for us to take off for the vacation we've been planning for what feels like forever!! For those of you that missed last night.................. OH MY GOD!!!!! Nicole had saved us the best seats of the house!!! Front row, center! We were deliciously close to all of them! Bridget and I received most of their attention!!! (and we weren't complaining one bit!) WOW! We definitely have to do that again as a whole group, (I didn't even need to drink last night!) I hope everyone has all the fun we were hoping for this weekend! I think this little vaca is what we've all needed. I hope everyone has a safe trip, and comes ready to PAR-TAY! We plan on taking lots of pics, so those of you that don't get to make it, you can see what trouble we got in to. :P We'll be back on Sunday! Asta lavista, baby!


  1. Glad you had a great time last night! Wish I could have been there. Oh wait, Girls night out? Guess I don't qualify....

    Hope that you all have a great weekend! And I look forward to the pics and tales!

    Happy b-day, Gandalf!


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