Sunday, August 13, 2006

Y'all won't believe this...

Ok, it's 1am and Melissa and I are home and ready for bed!!!! Yep, you read that correctly. We went to the Kenny Chesney concert last night and I think we covered a whole weekend in one night. We decided that since we had a shuttle to and from the concert that we would make the most of it... and we did. By the time Kenny Chesney began to play Melissa and I had already had 96ozs of beer a piece... and of course we decided to go out later. We went to that City Limits Saloon and it was awesome. Of course our Russian van driver tried to kill us, but don't worry... Melissa set him straight. (Oh, and 3-2-1 night is $3 well drinks, $2 imports, and $1 domestics... so disregard that part in the last post!) We got to people-watch all night and we thoroughly enjoyed watching an inebriated hoochie do her thing on the bar... bless her heart! We got back to the room around 3am and decided that Waffle House was an excellent idea... haha... we didn't know it was goth night though. When we first sat down some big motorcycle guy sat down with us and refused to leave. Someone from his table came over and told him that his food was ready, so Melissa proceded to tell him that what he really needed to do was go eat his food. The highlight and end-all was when a couple walked in handcuffed to each other. Melissa told me that I better hurry up and finish my waflle because we were gettin out of there! When we got back to the hotel Melissa decided to take a dip in the pool... but I'll let her tell that story!!!! I have a bruise on my thigh from trying to scale the fence!! I've never laughed soooo hard in my life. We didn't go to bed until after 5am. Needless to say, we weren't very happy campers when our alarms went off this morning. We didn't leave the hotel the first time until 11:30am... went to the gas station and then I decided that I didn't have my cell phone with me so I MUST have left it in the room. We go BACK to the hotel and I proceed to frantically search the room because we're already running late. I called the front desk and asked them to walk out to my car and ask Melissa to call my phone. I get a call back a couple of minutes later from the front desk woman saying, "Ma'am, your phone is in the car!" .. NO WAY!!! I walk out the front door to the hotel and Melissa has my trunk wide open with my suitcase on the ground flapped wide open with her tail in the air saying, "Bridget, your phone was in the VERY BOTTOM of your makeup bag in your suitcase!" So we hit the road AGAIN at 11:45am. Keep in mind, I have a 3hr drive ahead of me to go to Marisa's wedding in Hertford. The wedding starts at 2:30... you do the math! Not to mention that a truck pulling a huge trailer decided to cut us off... so I had to go a little off road and show them my Ricky Bobby!!! We only got lost twice... but we got to the church at 2:20!!!!! Not bad timing!!! Marisa looked beautiful!!! She even pulled a Bridget!! When Chris was taking the garter off he must have gotten a little carried away 'cause the next thing you know Marisa is on her tail, dress sprawled out, trying to keep her legs together!!! The best part is that after all that work, there weren't any single men to throw it to! Anyway, the story doesn't end there. As soon as we leave the wedding, Melissa had decided to relieve me from driving and so I'm chilling on the passenger side and I feel something crawl down my arm. It was a yellow spider that JUMPS! I start screaming, "It jumps, it jumps!" Melissa said, "What jumps?" I said, "The spider." She looked at me and said "Get out!" Meanwhile, the car is still going. She tries to drop me off in knee high grass so that instead of having a spider bite I could replace it with one from a snake. We pull off in front of a John Deere store so I can jump out and freak out a little. I never did find that spider. Anyway, we got home, chilled out a little, and went out to hear Ed play. That brings us up to date. It's now 1:3oam and Melissa and I aren't out doing our thing, we're in just being worn out together. Well, that took enough energy.... pics to follow later, promise... I'm out. 'Night all!

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