Sunday, August 27, 2006


My camera is gone!!! :( I was all set to go meet a blogger that currently lives here in Tripoli, and I start looking for my camera to get pics of the zoo and hopefully my fellow blogger..... and it's no where to be found!! We tore the house apart, we called the guys in the office and had them look everywhere, and we can't find it!! Now I'm out almost $400 of MY MONEY for MY CAMERA that was brought here to be shared for work and personal use. Now we can't do either!!!! We're gonna ask one of the guys here to let us check with all the people that work in the building, but the last time Tommy or I specifically remember seeing it was last Tues.... so there's not telling where it could be by now. :( I cried most of last night because I was so upset. I hope it was not stolen, but it most likely was. Hell someone tried walking out with one of Tommy's laptops the last time he was here, but at least it was big enough to be noticed immediately.... That's the ONLY cool gadget I have EVER purchased with MY MONEY and did it BY MYSELF! No help from anyone, no hand-me-down, no borrowing anything.... I bought it fair and square! Tommy's just as upset as I am, cause now not only can he not take the pictures for work he was accustomed to taking, but we can't take any pics of anything else while we're here. The other guys have cameras, and they're pretty good cameras, but none of them could zoom like that one could.... it was the SHIT!! Ok, enough for my rant..... I'll just hide in my office and cry a little more.... :(


  1. Babydoll, I am soooo sorry. I know exactly how you feel. I got a new camera for Christmas and bought a 1GB memory card 2days before I left for Vegas and lost my camera the first night I was down there!!! I didn't get any pictures except from a disposable camera the last night. I know it really sucks. Wish I could do something... I love you baby!

  2. Thanks hon! Yeah, I remember you talking about that.... luckily Tommy had cleared any pictures off the card before it disappeared... It just sucks that we can't take pics of anything else fun around here to share with everyone, not that we've had the time to do much anyway... LOL

    I love ya girl!


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