Sunday, August 13, 2006

Back in USA...missing my Eastern Euro buddies.

Well, day two back in LA, and I am missing my Bulgarian/Turkish cohorts! I am missing the late nights at discos (what we call clubs, hehe), loud music, drinking, and dancing and...well...I know this is a family blog, so... Seriously though, my three week holiday was a blast! The first week I was in visiting friends in England and Ireland, and then the next two were just amazing. Really no plans, but visiting my friend Ahmet in his native country. Ahmet was out here in December so I had a chance to show him around LA, and he returned the favour in spades as we traveled through Bulgaria, went to the Black Sea, and then met up with some of his friends and proceeded on to the resort towns in Turkey! Wow, never thought I would end up in Turkey, but hey, they invite, how could I say no? I am not quite as advanced as Tommy, so as soon as I figure out the whole "Hello" pic posting, I'll show some of my trip. Hope everyone is well! Peace, Mykal (Shak)

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