Thursday, August 10, 2006

Message from a lost Scoob... 'Cause Tommy told me too!

Hey all, it's Jenn one of the lost Scoobs. As some, none or a couple of you know I am currently in VA Beach, living the beach life and enjoying things. As probably less of you know, I am preggo! Yep, I have spawned. I am almost at 23 weeks and thank God more than halfway through this purgatory, I mean pregnancy. I have pics of Baby Beluga but they're Ultrasounds so not quite as cute as dressed up like a chicken and sitting on a tractor or the sweet eating a first birthday cake or even the hilarious 21st birthday toilet diving. The news, beside the other news for those not in the know is I am sadly leaving the beautiful shore of the East Coast and moving to... Kansas. Yes, the God-Forsaken vortex of the center of the good ol' US of A. I shall be heading off into the wild blue in maybe another month. I will be stopping into G-Vegas for maybe a day before kicking the doors down and asking where this stupid Dorothy person is and where I can get a rockin' Margarita, Virgin of course. I miss all of you terribly and hope to see any of you when I pass through. I hope everyone is doing well. I'm sorry that I've lost touch with frankly everyone but I do show up eventually when things go South. :D If anyone needs me, e-mail me. Oh yeah and by the way, this is a rockin' blog, delays or no. Big wet kisses from me and nice kicks in the belly from Baby Beluga who shall be debuting 12-8-06.

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