Wednesday, August 30, 2006

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Everywhere I go! LMAO!! Well, in a way, it is! You see, the 1st of Sept. is a major holiday for Libyans. It was the day, back in 1969, that the current leader overthrew the government and liberated the country. "Viva le revoluccion!" (Did I spell that right? LOL) All over the city Christmas lights are displayed, hanging from all kinds of buildings.... riding through town last night made me feel like I was home checking out the Christmas lights.... I'm going to borrow one of the guys' camera and try to take some pictures this weekend.... if they turn out I'll post some here. :) It's made me realize that whenever I do leave, I will miss it like crazy. At this point I have been here 2 1/2 months, and it's gotten to be just as comfortable as home. Other than a few issues (no, I'm not gonna say, so don't bother asking) I really, really love it here! Even the heat wasn't too bad, especially since the summer was almost as bad back home. :P Part of me would love to find a reason to stay, but most of me is dying to get home to see everyone! I miss everything, hanging out at the bar, DRIVING, eating food that is safe... LOL, my cats, my apartment, FAST INTERNET, WORKING CELL PHONES, LOL The list could go on and on! I want to say thank you to everyone that has kept in touch with us here! You have no idea how much it has kept me sane while I've been here. I love you all, and miss you like crazy! Ok.... enough for me, it's Friday for us, so we'll probably be leaving soon. This means none of us will probably be around internet again until Saturday, but we all have cell phones, and the phone at the apartment is up and running, so if you're feeling froggy, give us a call! Just remember, we're 6 hours AHEAD of you, so if you call us at 10 pm, it's actually 4 am here! LOL Love ya, and I'll be back soon! XOXOXO

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