Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pics from Benghazi, Libya from July 19, 2006

Well, it turns out that I have a minute at the end of the day that I can spend catching you up a little on our exploits. I'm going to finally upload the remaining photos I've been trying to remember to get to for a few weeks now. The first night we went to Benghazi I took a few pictures. It's a beautiful place; very reminiscent of what I think most American metro areas are like at night.

The city is beautiful at night. The vantage point I'm shooting this from is the 5th floor of Hotel Uzu, looking out across the man-made lake. One of the major improvements they have made to the local geography is the addition of a 4.7 Billion dollar man made river.

I'm not quite sure HOW the water is cleaned, but this is supposed to be the cleanest water in the country. So much so, that there is a brand of local water called "Man Made River" water. They're not much for creativity and branding yet apparently. Capitalism hasn't fully caught on here yet in some areas and I would definitely NOT suggest this as a locale for new businesses hoping to expand into marketing!

This last shot was just neat to see. That's not a trick of the camera. The night sky here is a burnt amber color.. And the moon is a pale cream hanging in the night sky. It's a really beautiful place to see.

I think I'll be going back again soon, so I'll get more local scenery the next time.

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