Sunday, April 23, 2006

N/A ( No really.. I mean that)

Blog Title: N/A ( No really.. I mean that)

Date: April 23, 2006 2111 Hrs GMT+2

Greetings all. I am aware that it has been a few days since I’ve been able to post online. I thought I’d take this moment to share what I’ve been up to.

Umm… nothing. Yes, I realize it’s not my prosaic style to say that, but it remains true nonetheless. I’ve been injured for about 10 days now, and tried my best to work through the issue for the first 6 days. However, hindsight being as clear as crystal, I should have taken the time to rest when it first occurred. So, six days into a rather painful situation that I’m really NOT going to go into detail about here, I was pretty much immobilized. I’ve spent the last four days, prior to today, lying in the bed and doing absolutely NOTHING.

If you know me at all, you know that doing nothing is absolutely the most hateful waste of time that I can possibly be tortured with. I hate to waste time. If I’m working, I want to work hard. I do that, so that I can relax HARD and enjoy that just as much. (I have this personal philosophy that the more you work and the harder you work, the more you really appreciate NOT being at work when the time comes.)

So, needless to say, four days in the bed did nothing for my mood; hence the lack of communication from me. I did, however, get to experience some “male bonding over scantily-clad female time” with Tim. Tim is an abhorrent couch potato, so me being laid up simply slowed me forcibly to a pace he is quite comfortable with. We went to Tower Fatah on Thursday and I purchased “Alias, Season 1” on DVD for sixty bucks. That 22 hours of video entertainment lasted me all of one day. By the middle of Friday, we were burned out, our eyes were watering from staring at the screen, the room positively reeked of cigarette smoke, candy and food wrappers were everywhere (I was taking full advantage of housekeeping services during this phase), and we pretty much sat back and watched Jennifer Garner episodes for the entire day. Later that same day, I sent Tim out to buy the second season.

Being laid up really screwed up my schedule, and so I anticipated having a hard time readjusting once the week started (today). In preparation for that, I pretty much spent ALL of Friday, Friday Night, Saturday Morning, and ALL DAY Saturday watching Season Two. I stayed up on purpose, hoping to “reboot” my system and get me back on track today for work.

Surprisingly enough, it worked. AND I am now proud owner of 50 hours of Jennifer Garner leg and boob episodes, although I must give credit that her acting seems to be rather good. I’m not usually one to like “chick” TV actresses, especially ones who portray the super-buff military types. (Absolutely NO one better make a comment about Buffy…. Let it slide.)

Well, now that you know what I’m up to, what have you all been doing? I'm going to jump into the hot bath that I've had running for about 15 minutes now. Hot Bath, Good Book, Cold Pepsi, and relaxation... see ya when I get back. (Besides, this will be my one last chance to enjoy what hot water feels like. Once April gets here, my chances at the hot water will be gone!)

Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease!


  1. Ok.. THAT really sucked.

    #1) The amount "hot" in my hot bath was less than satisfying. You know I have a 15 gallon hot water heater here? And that's not small for here.. that's normal. So, what did I do? Well, I started by thinking that I'd enjoy a "semi" hot bath while the hot water heater warmed another 15 gallons, after which I would partake in TWICE the hotwater... yeah not really.. not happenin. So , I spent 30 minutes in a luke-warm bath instead.

    #2) This internet is worse tonight that usual. It took 5 minutes for this "post a comment" page to load. I'm not sure what's jiggin-up the internet tonight, but I'm gonna try to fix it and come back online again in a few minutes. Maybe I'll have better luck then.

  2. Okay, well since I've been forbidden to mention Buffy (which is painful to let go of) Can I at least mention Holly Marie Combs? Pretty please?!

    I'm sorry to hear you injured yourself...but let me guess. You were being pig-headed as usual and lifted something you shouldn't have? Am I right?

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  4. What in the world, pray tell me, is wrong with Holly Marie Combs? That woman is got GODDESS of hot-moms! She's sexy, smart, and her mouth makes those cute little expressions when she's angry... ahh...

    And it's not like you can throw THAT one at me. It's YOUR fault I watched Charmed anyway... not that I'm complaining, cause I think it's a great show. (Anyone wanna send season 6 on DVD to Africa?)

  5. Nothing is wrong with Holly Marie Combs...I'm just saying that you DO in fact harbor obsessive fantasies about television characters/actresses. (who's right??? Oh yeah, THAT WOULD BE ME!!! HUZZAH!!)

    BTW you never answered my question...were you being pig-headed?

  6. Huzzah?

    What exactly does "huzzah" sound like? Who said it first? and WHY is it still used in the english language as an adjective form of visual enthusiasm? Really! Stand up and yell "Huzzah" while thrusting your arms in the air and then count how many join you compared to the number that just stare at you with that strange "remind me to keep my kids away from you" look.

    (You know I love you right?) hehehe

    And to answer your question, NO I was not being pigheaded. Some things needed to be done and no one was doing them.. so I did them myself.. like I usually do. That's not being pigheaded. It was a preventative action... otherwise I would have walked back across the data center compound and yelled at someone to get off their lazy butts and help!

  7. AKA: Tommy being pig-headed and stubborn. You want me to send you an inflatable do-nut?

    And "Huzzah" is pronounced exactly as it is spelled...and although I suppose you CAN scream it jumping up and down while flailing your's not a requirement and not likely to come from me. I would imagine you could use it much like the Marines use "Hoo-Rah" or the Army uses "Hoo-Hah" or even like you're favorite, "NAH NAH!" which incidentally is put to good use right here: NAH NAH!


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