Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My stupid phone...

Ok, I know that no one really cares... but I need to vent. I went out on a boat with some friends on Sunday in New Bern. The guy that was driving was playing around and hit a huge yacht's wake and Melissa and I had a huge tidal wave come 3 feet over our heads!!! All I saw was Melissa duck down and hold her breath. What sucks is my phone (and everything else in the boat got soaked)!! Anyway, the bright light for the flash now refuses to go off. It stays on PERMANENTLY. It looks like some kind of beacon. On the up side I will never get lost in the dark again... on the down side my battery keeps dying, it gets REALLY hot, and I may be one of the first women in history to experience a purse fire. I keep waiting for it to self combust. Oh, and the wonderful people at US Cellular told me that once it gets wet there is nothing they can do to fix it. I'll have to file a claim and they'll send me a new phone. I can't keep any of my ringers though :( I've probably spent $100 in ringers and there is no way they can transfer them. Not only that but I have to keep my battery out when I go places because it will die within 30-40 minutes and when people call my phone it doesn't go to voice mail. So, now people think that I am trying to avoid them, but I'm not and if they would leave a message instead of assuming I'll get a missed call... there wouldn't be a problem! I'm going to have a Jewish moment and just say "Oy". Why me?


  1. LMAO!! You are too funny!

    Can you see if they'll replace it if it's stolen? Or if the ringers will be able to transfer? What about sending them to another phone, and then sending them back? Hehehe..... getting all techno-geeky on ya.. sorry. It's a funny story though....

    ONLY YOU! :P

  2. If it's stolen you have to have a police report, and there is no way to even transfer the ringers according to them. I think you would have to have something like Bluetooth wireless in your phone to send them to another phone and back. I dont think mine has that?!?

  3. I forgot about that... I just didn't know if EasyEdge could do it or not....

    And I didn't know about the police report! Damn they're getting sneaky on us!! LMAO!! :P

  4. Well, it might be a bit late now, but here's what you COULD do.. this has worked a dozen times for me and the gang.

    1.) Go get insurance on your phone.
    2.) Wait a week or so.
    3.) Run over it
    4.) File for a new phone.
    5.) Wait until I get back and I"ll hack you all the ringtones you want.

    Screw payin' for 'em.

    Sorry hon... I know that's a sucky thing to happen. I lost my last one and I was upset for months!

  5. I already have insurance on my phone, but it's still gonna be $60 for the phone. That sucks!


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