Saturday, April 08, 2006


Ok.. now that you've read the title... relax. You all know me better than that. What you are seeing here is called a Shisha pipe. We have a "Shisha Bar" at the Amwage hotel where I'm staying. Now, you all know me; so there's two things you ought to know. 1.) I don't do drugs. 2.) Outside of #1, I'll try anything once! What you do is step inside the covered tent and take a table. (They have TV's playing the "football" soccer game if you're a sports fan.) This is a place where the more refined individuals come to relax. It's dark, very quiet, and quite interesting. And yeah.. that's a four foot pipe! So, Desmond and I ordered up two Shishas packed with "Red and Green Apple." I asked to see it so I could write about it. It's very finely shredded apples that have been cured in some kind of concoction. So, they pack your pipe with the flavor of your choice and bring it to your table where they light it for you and you "toke" to your hearts content. Lol.. it's an all you can smoke bar for 5 Dinar! (Tomorrow I'm trying the Cherry) For those of you who are smokers, I was amazed. I was expecting some very harsh taste, kind of like a cheap cigar. Instead, the pipe bowl is sitting over a bowl of ice, where the smoke is cooled, and then filtered through the water before being sucked up the pipe. It was a surprisingly smooth flavor with a very mild apple taste. I have to say it's a neat experience. I can now say I'm the only one of my friends who ever smoked a "hooka" the way it was intended to be by those who created them. Posted by Picasa


  1. i'm jealous...can you bring me some home??

  2. no you're not-we have one at home that's about that tall!

  3. We have some apple tobacco here if you want it. Oh yeah hows it going? Same old here just relaxing. I am soooo boring right
    now. I am glad to hear yall are doing well over there. Dez has not offended anyone? Does this mean you can eat spicy food now? Ill try to write back with more of a point this weekend when i have pleanty of time. See Ya


    Check it out!

  5. April, you want the apple stuff? I can send you some when you want it!
    I dont have my own but I really enjoy hookas when I can get my hands on one!!


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