Wednesday, April 19, 2006

logan pics new and old

hey tommy...sorry haven't really been on in a while...hope that everything is going good for ya over there ...i know this has to be a good experience for you and the rest of the crew over there...hope ya'll get back soon....i figured that i would put some pics up so that you could see the little man as he grows see no shame in my game the above pics are about 2 months old these are some of the first pics that we took when logan was like a month old keep in touch ...and don't foreget june 3rd .......weddin bells over here talk to ya later lee


  1. Now the two pacifiers: That's just proof that Nicole is a smart woman. She's found a way to shut you both up at the same time!

  2. well...she is still with me...just kidding know how she is, and how i am at times it might keep me out of trouble more if i keep it in.......glad to hear from ya...i am now working on a blog for logan....damn it is a pain in the is called logan's world

    have a good one


  3. And now that I think of it, do you REALLY think, even for a moment, that April's gonna let me forget a wedding? First, she's IN the wedding.

    Second, the only reason I'm not married yet is because she's being entertained being married vicariously through everyone ELSE who's getting married... lol (hehe.. I made a funny) I wonder if she'll make that "ooohhh I'm mad" face? It's SOOOOO cute when she does that!

  4. And for those of them who aren't blogger-friendly, what's the addy for Logan's blog?

  5. Nevermind.. I looked it up on your profile. Whomever wants to see the blog, can do so at this address:

    PS: I see a definite theme developing there... You want me to design you a theme like the one I have on my other blog? It looks like you're developing a photo-blog and I have a neat look for one of those that's completely customized.

    Nice work though. Keep it up! I'm glad to see that YOU finally got caught up with the 20th...err.. 21st century!


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