Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bannag, this is for you. You'll have to excuse the can inthe picture. I saw the flower and thought that you would be one to stop and appreciate it if you saw it.

Posted By Gandalf


  1. You know what, you're right. I think it's a hibiscus. I was focusing on the color and the rarity of finding something like that over here that I totally forgot to consider that it's a plant native to the Americas too.

    Sorry for the momentary lapse in good sense.

    Know what else I have seen lots of over here? Pothos (that green plant I have all over my house). They're all over the place here. They decorate indoors with them, over archways, very similar to how I manipulate mine at home. It was just neat to see that plant over here.
    Ok enough for now.. see you all soon.

    Love you all.


  2. Actually I was leaning more towards hollyhock...the more I look at the the more I'm convinced taht what it is...the foliage doesn't match a hibiscus (I don't think).


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