Tuesday, April 04, 2006


It's real now folks!!! I just returned from Kenansville and spoke with Tommy's boss, my new employer, and we've set the ball in motion! I should be getting the Visa back around the 15th or so, and will be able to leave as soon as I receive it! YAY!!!!!!! For those of you that don't know all the details, I'll be Doc. Moe's Assistant. I'll follow him to certain meetings and be his note taker and basically walking calendar. When he does not need me, I will be performing similiar tasks for Tommy and the rest of the team that will remain. I finally met Doc. Moe today, and he is a very nice man, really pleasant personality, and should be somewhat fun to work with. He is very smart, and has lots of experience in his field, so it will nice to meet and work with someone like that. I would really like it if everyone could come out to On Cue on Saturday. They're throwing me a going away party, and Frank is even going to try to make it a cookout/pig-picking...... if it's not too late to plan it!! Everyone is really excited about my new opportunity, but already is saying how much they'll miss me. I'm sure I'll be crying by the end of the night.

**UPDATE** They are throwing a pig-picking, food should be ready around 6-7ish!!!! Everyone please come!! To all the Scoobies I've gotten to know over the past year, it has been absolutely amazing!! I cherish each of our friendships and hope that even though we'll be thousands of miles apart we'll still be just as close! To my family and new extended family (Ms. Brenda, Ray, and Hannah), I love you all as well and will miss you just as much!! If I could pack everyone up and take you with me I would! I promise to help Tommy post lots of pictures, and I'll try to add some posts of my own. We want to try and take our internet phone modem there, so maybe it won't be as expensive for y'all to call us!! Tommy's been complaining that no one writes him to fill him in on their days, so you definitely better keep us both informed while I'm gone!!! You know we both can't be out of the loop! :) Ok, that's it for now, I'll post more when I get more details...... But don't forget about Saturday!! I want EVERYONE there, you better be dead or bleeding terribly to not show up!! :P


  1. Oh All right. I will start emailing.
    have a safe flight!!

  2. Hey girl. Have a great time. Enjoy the adventure. Sounds like it will be fun and a once in a lifetime opportunity. You guys just need to get back in one piece. We have beach plans for the summer!!!!! I hope you'll be back before summer is over.


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