Thursday, February 07, 2008

Who To Vote For: For President

With the remaining issues facing us and time dwindling, I wanted to ask if any of you viewers had a good web site that helped track the election candidates and their stances. Googling this particular subject is almost worse than not looking it up at all because thousands upon thousands of organizations are listed online and its quite frustrating to wade through them all to find the "meat" of the material.


I'm looking for a web site that keeps track of the current candidates, and what they stand for, their opinions on important matters, etc.


Anyone have any good links?


At this point, we're down to Obama and Clinton on the democratic side and McCain and Huckabee on the republican side. Quite frankly, I was leaning democratic even though I'm registered republican, but I'm quite unhappy with either of our democratic choices, so it's back into the republican camp for now, unless things change.


  1. These sites are the most user-friendly. I've recommended them to my less politically-literate friends. [Not including you in that genre.]
    Yahoo Dashboard
    Candidate Match Game

  2. Here's a better link for the Dashboard...Dashboard


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