Thursday, February 21, 2008

Out of Jail, on Parole, but it's not over yet!


Well, I'm sitting here in pajamas and a sweater because for some reason I'm cold as ice and don't know why. The heat is set on 65 degrees and it feels to me like its 40, though my thermostat assures me I'm incorrect.  I just got home from work and I wanted to share the good news with all of you who have supported me trying to raise money for the MDA.


When I got arrested and taken to "jail" today at noon, the total donations received thus far were holding tight at $825.00 with little prospect of breaking my $1,000 barrier, much less my $3,000.00 goal. The judge sentenced me to a table and lunch without cheesecake; a truly horrible punishment if you know my love of cheesecake. Having nothing better to do for our hour-long incarceration the ladies at my table and I started at the top of our cell phone's phonebooks and started working down one more time, trolling through the list of contacts and begging for bail money.


A little less than an hour later I had reached the end of my rope, which is synonymous with the end of my contact list in my BlackJack. So, I started on Senators and the girl beside me started on Congressmen. lol. I called Tim at my office and had him start texting me phone numbers he could scour from Google. As fast as he'd SMS me, I'd call them up and make my plea to get bail money.


Can you just stop a second and think how it feels to be the person I'm talking to on the phone when I start the conversation with "Hi, You don't know me, but I'm calling from jail because I need bail money..." I like to wait a few seconds and let the dramatic pause settle in before I tell them the whole scoop. I think I so thoroughly convinced the lady at Senator Marc Basnight's office that she asked for proof of what I was trying to do! lol. She did however, offer to poll the senator's staff members for me and get back with me for contributions!


In the end, thanks to all the contributions of my friends, associates, clients, and kind hearted people I contacted, we raised $1,250.00 in contributions to date!


That's right!


This doesn't mean it's over. I have until March 22nd to continue to receive donations and now that I know that we can raise $400.00 in one day during lunch, I KNOW we can hit the $3000.00 mark by next month.

So, if you know someone who would consider giving to this really awesome organization to help these kids out, PLEASE make your contribution today. You can pay online directly to the MDA and get your tax-deductible receipt straight in your email immediately, or you can pay by check. If you pay by check, you need to send the check to me, but make it payable to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. I will turn in all the checks on the 21st of March with the "bail log" and get a final tally of the figures at that time.


Links you can use:

If you need the links again, here they are below:

b_clickheretohelpmemakemygoal4 This link takes you to my personal page on the MDA web site where you can click to make your donation online.
b_lookwhohasdonated This shows the online contributions only, so don't feel left out if you don't see yours on here. They have your funds, but those are hand tabulated.
b_whatyourmoneywillbuyBlue More info about the MDA


Thanks again to ALL of you who have contributed thus far and to all those who have helped to spread the word about this cause. Posting my page on your blogs and web sites really helped. I think we were one of the few people who actually utilized the web portal to get donations, and it worked wonderfully. Please don't stop yet though... we're almost there. If we can raise the $3000.00 we can send 5 kids to camp this summer and help fund research to improve their life!


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