Saturday, February 16, 2008

AT&T /Cingular Users: Windows Mobile 6 on the Blackjack with Vista (it CAN be done)

I'm only writing this because I think many of us Blackjack users are woefully confused about Syncing the Blackjack to Vista using Windows Mobile 6. Guess what? It CAN be done. And to be sure, I've done it twice, on two different computers using two different phones. I wanted to be double sure before I posted this.

If' you've read the forums on AT&T's web site, you've probably seen the HUNDREDS of posts saying it can't be done. I was skeptical even as recently as this week, but there's quite an easy way to successfully install WM6 on the blackjack and sync using Vista. (If you'll notice, that was TWO separate statements. Read on. I'll explain.)


Steps to Update Your Blackjack to WM6 (no hacks, no cracks. This is the legit way to do it, so don't fret it.)

  1. Go to Samsung's Web Site and visit the update page on the FAQ. If you don't know were it is:
  2. You're going to see the following Screen.

    Yes, it says THREE different times that the program is NOT compatible with Vista. Read on.
  3. Quite frankly, I'm not sure why Cingular/AT&T doesn't advertise this fact on their homepage, but here's the catch. The DOWNLOADED UPDATE program is not compatible with vista.... once you've already updated the blackjack, you can Sync with Vista with no problem. You simply can't run the downloader to perform the update from a vista machine. Read on.
  4. Download the file to hard drive flash, whatever.
  5. To go a Windows XP box and run it from there. Use a second PC, borrow a friend's PC, etc.
  6. Since you're going to be launching the program from a Windows XP box, you're going to need to have backed up your phone already. This is going to WIPE EVERYTHING and completely re-flash the bios in your phone.
  7. The download has 11 pages of instructions. Follow them to the letter. I'd suggest printing them out.
  8. When you're done, re-sync to a Vista PC and you're fine! All you need XP for is to launch the update program... that's it. The rest is cake.

I was skeptical so I had my partner do his first since his phone wasn't tweaked anywhere near as much as mine was. Now that I've gotten mine updated, I've had major improvements:

  • Boots Faster
  • Bluetooth is WAY better!
  • More Themes
  • AT&T Branding replaced Cingular Branding
  • TeleNav comes free (requires data package to use it)
  • More new improvements all the time.. I just haven't found them all yet.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with the web community at large. I hope you find it useful.

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  1. No shit...I highly doubt anyone thought it couldn't be synced with Vista...People just want to be able to run the update with Vista.

  2. Well thanks spanky for your generous input, however the thread count on AT&T suggests at the moment that at least 584 people found it enlightening thus far. I appreciate you taking time out of being an idiot to post your opinion.

  3. i'm with anonymous / spanky the samsung page is clear that the updater doesn't work with vista (not sync once the update is done) you got my hope up i could update with vista - you moron.

    And yes the other 500+ folks are morons (or can't read) if they found your post enlightening - i found it 100% frustrating.


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