Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Beta Testing Neat Receipts 3 SP1

This article deals specifically with beta testing Neat Receipts on Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate, 32-bit.


Well, the installation went well. No problems there. However, upon completing the installation, I tried to launch NeatReceipts, only to get the following error screen:



(Note for SEO Ability:Neat Receipts Professional can not launch because a connection to the database could not be established, possible because the database is still starting up. Please wait 30 seconds and then try re-launching NeatReceipts Professional. If the problem persists, please contact NeatReceipts Professional technical support for assistance.)


Step 1: Check for active services running:

NeatReceipts 3.0x required two services (not processes) to be running. One was the Neat Receipts Database Controller. The other is the NR2007 SQL interface.

When I checked for running services, the SQL server wasn't running and the Neat Receipts Database Controller was absent from the possible list of accessible services altogether.


Step 2: Reboot before you screw-up anything.


I immediately rebooted the PC, got a clean boot, and tried to start NR 3.0 SP1


Launch the application:

Ok.. no problem. Click the button.

I get the NR splash screen for a few moments, then I'm back to the database controller error screen.


Step 3: Check for services

NR sometimes has a problem starting on some machines. I'm not sure why exactly but it seems that once the NR executable loads into the kernel, the SQL interface is loaded, followed by the database controller. Note: You can not start the database controller manually without already having the SQL interface resident in memory. (At least that was the scenario on my PC when I just loaded 3.0x and prepared by last back up before installing the upgrade.)


I went to the services screen to check for services running:

Sure enough, I see the following: (click for larger view)



Now, I need to start the service, because for whatever reason NR hasn't launched the server for me yet. So I launch the SQL service.

(click for larger view)



Now that I have the SQL service started properly, I go to locate the NR Database Controller.

It's gone.

(click for larger view)



There IS no database controller loaded onto my system any more. Not only will it not load, but the patch upgrade removed the service from my PC. I've attached another screenshot to show you where the service SHOULD be listed, (Right above my Net.TCP service) but it's not there.

So, now I'm awaiting an email response from Jenn or one of the staff at NR about the issue. I will update further when I know more.


  • A) the patch removed the need for the database controller.
  • B) the patch changed the name of the controller and I'm just not seeing it.
  • C) the patch didn't properly reassociate the controller in my system.

More info when I know more.


NOTE: If your NR would not load after performing the update due to a database controller error, please read the update to this post titled "Upgrading Neat Receipts (New Information)" for details on a potential fix.




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