Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cingular/ATT/Samsung: Please don't get on the "you suck" list this year.

mobile-phone_SGH-i607_medium I purchased my Samsung I-607 Blackjack almost a year ago because I traveled overseas and needed to switch to a global provider. After hearing the horror stories about customer service, I was amazed at the wonderful customer service I received when I setup my account. I'll skip the details, but the point is that my sales rep treated me really well before, during, and after the sale. Of course, when I pay $407.00 for a cell phone, I shouldn't expect any less.

I asked my sales rep, who asked her manager, when we would have accesss to the Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade, as the WM5 platform has a few key issues with bluetooth capabilities and some other problems. I was assured we would be expecting Cingular to roll out an update within the month. Awesome, right?

Within a week, I had sold 3 more Blackjacks for Cingular. My partner, his wife, and later my girlfriend all got blackjacks. Of course the girls could care less about the WM6 upgradability. They just enjoyed qwerty text messaging. Me and Tim however needed the upgrade, especially with Vista and bluetooth being key features of our daily lives.

Well, it's been almost a year now. I still don't have PTT on my phone, still don't have voice command access to the dialer, still don't have Windows Mobile 6. What gives? Apparently Cingular has been so busy over the last six months rolling out the Blackjack II that we original Blackjack users got forgotten. Checking the forums on's web site clearly identifies that hundreds if not thousands of us users are clamoring for the software, yet we hear nothing from Cingular.

Finally, a WM6 upgrade is released! Yeah, right? Wrong. Guess who can't use the WM6 ROM upgrade; any user of windows Vista! Wow! You're telling me I could have the $94.00 version of windows xp home and get the release just fine, but us users who have actually invested money to remain on the cutting edge of the hardware razor get no benefit from the upgrade because we're running Vista?

Cingular, you DO know that most of us geeks out here using the Blackjack and Blackjack II are not your ordinary mom and pop users, right? We purchased this phone specifically for advanced features! My 4 year old Motorola V710 has voice prompt bluetooth recognition. My Motorala Razr has voice prompt recognition and 1 button call answering capabilities from the headset. Yet, my blackjack remains a cool device, ONLY if never connected to my PC, or else I have to remain on the buggy WM5 Rom architecture?

Please get this fixed.

PS: Does anyone know of an ACTUAL release date for Windows Mobile 6 on the blackjack?


Update: I decided to try communicating with the people from Cingular today and MAYBE finally experience progress on the issue. Here are the results:

Lol. You can see below, the first person had no idea what I was talking about, so thankfully they sent me on to another support rep who did (or at least I hope did).

Apparently Livy_L couldn't see the previous screen session so I had to retype the question. Then she completely bollocks-up the question.

Now, here comes the usual "It's not our fault" line. Let me inform you of something AT&T. YOU are the only company that I know of licensed to run with the Blackjack. You can't go into a store and buy a blackjack from Wal-Mart. You HAVE to purchase it from you, therefore YOU are responsible for everything that goes wrong with it. That's part of the exclusivity deal you get when you carry something unique. Further, this is directly contrary to what we were told when we purchased the phone from Robin Mickel in Greenville a year ago. We were told this would be a push-patch that we could download via 3G and apply on the fly.

Now I'm back to the Samsung, where I've already been three times this morning. What gives? Can she not read the THREE separate times it mentions that this is NOT COMPATIBLE with Windows Vista?


OHMYGOD! If this lady is right, then maybe we're home free. It looks like the update PROGRAM isn't compatible with Vista, but once you run the program from an XP computer, the update to the phone is supposed to be flawlessly compatible!

I haven't tried this yet because I spent all morning talking to tech support and waiting for the lady to get me an answer, but I'll let you know how it goes when I'm done! Wish me luck!








  1. I just bought the i600 this week. I had some problems with it and had to take it to be reprogrammed. Now my Madar sim card wont let me send text messages - thats a madar issue. I bought a Libyana sim card today and will try to get madar to fix my sim card... ugh... I have wasted all kinds of time so far on this. But I like the phone.

    Good luck in geting yours to do what you want it to.

  2. I tried the update.. worked flawlessly so far. We'll see how it goes when I connect it to Vista.

    GL with yours Khadija.

  3. learn to read - it says the updater is not compatible NOT the update.

    Updater = program that installs update (not compatible with vista)

    Update = the update itself, has nothing to do with desktop OS.


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