Friday, February 15, 2008

Are people really this stupid?

Ok. This is funny as heck! My sister sent me this!


OH MY GOD! I actually know women who would fall for this! Hey Raymond, you sure these aren't the guys who worked on some of your cars in the past?


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  1. Hey you guys!! I know now why they put me in the service department-Someone has to look out for the lady's!! Tell all the lady's out there that this can happen to you at some service departments, but not where I work. It has happened to me at a Toyota dealer before. Not quite that bad, but they did sell me service not required for the mileage I was at. If someone trys it on you-selling extra service-tell them you need to check your owner's manual, or get a second opinion. Don't let them know you don't know what they are talking about but to put it in writing and you will get back with them. If you drove in without any problems, it can wait!!!


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