Sunday, February 03, 2008

Superbowl 42: Thanks FOX NETWORK! You SUCK!

I hope to God that after this evening, Fox networks never gets to host another super bowl game for the rest of their miserable lives! If you are living in eastern North Carolina, and maybe other places as well, you have had to deal with Fox network screwing up your favorite shows for the past year; sudden freezes, lost parts of television shows, dead air, etc. Tonight, Fox topped it off by losing signal right after the coin toss, until after the opening kick! I never watch but one ball game per year and that's the Super Bowl and tonight it was almost completely ruined by Fox's poor broadcast quality. I had friends calling me throughout the night from various network providers (Direct TV, Suddenlink Cable, Dish Network, and over the air antennas) asking me if we could watch the super bowl where we were because their signal was completely out for sometimes as long as three to four minutes! We missed the commercials (which is why we watch it in the first place), missed important parts of the game, and the overall experience was one that pretty much made the broadcast be VERY memorable. Thank you FOX for ensuring that this year's superbowl will be talked about for years as the worst broadcast ever in the history of television programming!

What part of the show WAS in perfect quality? The Tom Petty halftime show.. wow? You know WHY it came in clear when other parts didn't? Because FOX doesn't have the consumer bandwidth to provide digital signal everywhere it has viewers, which overtaxes the broadcast pipe (which is essentially the same ad the internet pipe). The only reason Tom Petty came in so clear was because everyone else with any sense changed the channel to something else during halftime. As soon as the game came back on, the service went right back down the tubes!


Update:2/3/08: Please DIGG this story.

Update: 2/3/08: WITN TV has already been notified by myself and other users and is carrying their own story here.

Update 2/4/08: The Reflector is carrying a similar story now too. Apparently Tie Breakers and some other bars lost some major business last night due to this. Read the article here.

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  1. I totally agree with you on the crap job by Fox, and I love the fact that Tom Petty came in loud and clear because I think he may be the lamest songwriter in the history of the world.


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