Thursday, February 07, 2008

How to Upgrade Neat Receipts 3.0.3 or 3.0.4 to 3.1 SP ( (On Windows Vista Ultimate)

I'm not going to post the official links here yet because the program is still in beta until at least next week. I was priveleged enough to be offered a chance to help bug test the next version, so I'm posting my notes here in the hopes that I can help out the next person who Googles "How Do I Update Neat Receipts?"

    1. If you are using NEAT Receipts Version 3.0.3, you must first update your software to 3.0.4 before installing SP1. To do that, launch your application and go to Help > Check for Updates. (Be sure that you have an Internet connection when you do this.) Once your software has been updated to 3.0.4, you may move on to the next step of the update.
    2. Back up your NEAT Receipts database, then close the NEAT Receipts application. To back up your database, go to Tools > Database > Backup. In the Save dialog box that opens, browse to the appropriate location on your hard drive and save the backup file with the default .nrbak file extension.
  2. Download the update file on to your computer: (Link not shown here for security purposes at this time.) choose Save (do not choose Open) and save it on your Desktop when presented with a Save As dialog box.
  3. Once the file has been downloaded to your desktop, double-click and a window will open. Click 'Install' and the update files will be extracted, and the update wizard will launch.
    Launch the executable and allow Vista to run the file.
    You will be prompted with the following welcome screen. Press "Next".
    Agree to the license agreement by clicking "I Agree"
    The updater will take over from here and perform an automated process.
    The first patch will be copied to the system and then installed automatically.
    The second patch will also be copied to the system and installed automatically.
    Congratulations. You're finished upgrading your copy of Neat Receipts!
  4. If the update requests that you restart your PC, please allow it to do so. The update will continue after the PC restarts. (My computer didn't prompt me to restart, but anytime you are working with SQL services, upgrading programs, and your database controller interfaces I would still suggest leaning towards prudence, and just restart anyway before you try to launch the application. This will give the registry time to properly load the new configuration into memory, especially if you have just used the previous version. (Which you should have because you just backed up your data, Riiiight???)

You're done! Enjoy using your new version of Neat Receipts


NOTE: If your NR would not load after performing the update due to a database controller error, please read the update to this post titled "Upgrading Neat Receipts (New Information)" for details on a potential fix.



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