Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The weekend at Sentinel in Rodanthe

Let me begin by saying "Thank you so very much" to Mr. Roger Meekins, who gave us the house to use for the week. Secondly, thanks again to my mother for sharing her gift with the gang!  The people, the house, and the memories were awesome. Oh yeah, while I'm at it, thanks to Ray and Kevin for bringing the power-kites down to the beach; that was a load of fun. Lastly, thanks to ALL my friends who could make it down to share the week and weekend with us. I had an amazing time!

You all know I'm a shutterfly, so of course it's time for the random photo posts that inevitable accompany a trip to anywhere I go. I had some doozeys this week to pick from. I'm not going to share them all on here, but I'll put up a few of them for you to take a look at. You can see the entire photo collection on my Google photos account. (Click Here To View). I'll have the videos on YouTube when I get the chance later in the week, but I only have so much time before work today. You've already seen most of the house pictures on the previous post, so I'll skip those. Quite honestly the house was so big, I couldn't get any of the whole rooms in one photo anyway... this place was HUGE!


The first night: (relaxing and getting to know the place)


  010908 (6)

Shane and Tracy start the night off relaxing in front of the plasma screen in the game room.


Meanwhile, Clair got time in major trouble playing spades. lol.


Outside for some fun:


See, when I said Power-Kite, you probably thought: " What fun is flying a freakin' kite for a bunch of grown adults?" Well, you'd have to have your own butt strapped in to one of these bad boys to be able to truly understand the feeling of battling this thing in 30 mile per hour winds!

011108 (15)

Kevin preps the kite for launch! That's right... it's a 12 foot wide kite!

011108 (6)

Oh yeah, that's not so hard... hmm.. I can do this... What's the big deal?

011108 (12)

See how the kite string is laid out sideways, rather than straight up like in the previous photo? That's because it's collecting power in a dive.. see the nylon tow rope tied to my brother? That's to keep his butt in this town, and not somewhere over Nags Head! You can see where the wind jerked him off his feet and ripped him across the ground. Shane is behind him holding him down and Tim is behind HIM holding too! It takes three grown men to keep this thing on the ground!

011108 (10)

Tim is laughing... lol. I am too. Kite ripped all three of them across the ground, and locked ray up around a pole. I still remember him yelling " ugh.. someone hold the kite down!" (At which point Clair promptly sits on it.... (shown upper right))

011108 (7)

This was my favorite shot of Ray. He was getting the kite up when we first started out. I saw him start to get yanked away and I hadn't told anyone yet to hold on to the rope... it wasnt even securely tied around him yet! Anyway, a breeze hit pretty hard and the kite went up fast. I yelled "Ellis! Grab the rope" at which point Ellis yanked ray on his rear like a rodeo cowboy wrangling a steer! I ran across the yard and jumped between his legs to help him plant his feet and try to get the kite back down! I'm tellin ya, this thing is a workout!

011108 (19)

I've got the kite in a hard dive, off to the right. Shane and Tim are holding me to the ground while I battle this thing. It was intensely fun!

011208 (2)

Hannah gets in on the fun later in the week, on a much smaller kite though. This one's only 6 feet across.


I'd say she enjoyed it though. She wore me out for about an hour and then wore Kevin out after I was already pooped out.



011108 (16)

Shane pauses a moment to reflect on the heavens.....  He's actually watching the kite, but it looks like he's posing for a strong man competition!

011108 (8)

If I didn't post this one, I'd hear about it later, so here it is. lol. Two seconds before this was taken, the rope was latched around me in front of me, wrapped in my arms so I could hold Ray down. When the wind caught it, it ripped my grip apart and pretty much left me dangling, arms spread, trying to stop the rope from running through my hands.



011008 (7)

The house, taken from the sound front.

011008 (11) 


011008 (15)


011008 (8)


In conclusion:


Well, there ya have it. It was am amazing week. I'd love to hear back from those of you who were there. Post your thoughts, comments, etc. I hope maybe we can do it again next year!


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